“You have had your answer”

DERWENT Valley mayor Tony Nicholson has entered into his fourth month of stonewalling on the subject of the council’s controversial Willow Court committee, and a third month of delaying access to an historical inventory.

Since August, Councillor Nicholson has been promising to provide an answer to questions about the location of the minutes of the Willow Court Special Committee, where the public may read those minutes, and when the committee’s elections are held. Since September he has been “taking on notice” a question about access to an inventory of historical items transferred from the former Royal Derwent Hospital/Willow Court Centre to the Derwent Valley Council.

At tonight’s council meeting, Councillor Nicholson responded to another round of public questions on both topics by saying the answers were being prepared and would be provided “in due course”. He declined to say how long the preparation process would take and refused to provide a written confirmation of his undertaking.

“You have had your answer,” Cr Nicholson said before moving on to other business. The contribution of general manager Stephen Mackey to the formulation of Cr Nicholson’s answers is acknowledged.

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