Letter to the editor: Concern over sentencing

I AM writing with my blood boiling over the pathetic sentencing of the protestors at the Triabunna mill as reported in the Mercury this week. I feel the justice system has been soft for a long time now, but this is just ridiculous! We have protestors on welfare paid by the taxes from proud forestry workers like my husband who are out at all hours of the day and night trying to make a living for our family.
This is not on! Who compensates the drivers who were left sitting at the gate, and their shift work partners who were unable to do night shift? Who pays the families the lost wages? The protestors aren’t worried – our taxes are paying them! And in the instance that the drivers dipped into their holiday pay so that household bills could be paid, who is going to explain to their children that as the jobless tax-funded protestors decided to hold a protest daddy can’t have a decent holiday with you this year. What a joke!
I support Gunns Ltd for issuing a writ for compensation – at least they are trying to support the forestry workers and are trying to show protestors that it isn’t a peaceful protest by trespassing and disrupting honest workers.
Magistrate Helen Wood has fallen short by saying the community was concerned at the large number of police and rescue workers having their time wasted by these protestors. The community is also frustrated and disappointed that a heavy sentence is not issued to deter these protestors. If they want to protest keep it peaceful and take it to the government as our elected members – don’t interfere with law abiding businesses and honest forestry workers.
As a proud supporter of the forestry industry within the Derwent Valley and indeed Tasmania as a whole, I think it is time that a political party steps up and declares their full support for this industry. No mincing words – we need to know who to vote for come election time. I feel confident that this will be the major political issue for the division of Lyons.
Instead of all the wasted media attention given to the greens and the protestors, the elected members need to recognise that there are only four Green members elected to state parliament and they and the protestors are a minority of the Tasmanian population.
And as for these protestors in the Florentine and Styx forests – GO HOME! The majority of these waste of space trespassers are not Tasmanian citizens, they don’t reside here, contribute to our economy or contribute to our communities and are NOT wanted. As for the local losers such as the ones that waltzed into Triabunna and thought they were doing a wonderful job – GET A JOB!

The majority of Tasmanians like Tassie how it is.

Allison Morgan

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