Letter to the editor: Road rage

My family and i have recently been subjected to two counts of road rage on the normally quiet and pleasant roads of Molesworth. What is it that possesses some drivers to act so aggressively towards other drivers? Particularly in a scenic area with narrow roads where a lot of families live and there is an abundance of wildlife?

I wonder what type of people they are, how unhappy they must be in their lives, and hope they do not act in such a manner to their loved ones as they do to complete strangers from the safety of their vehicles.

My comment simply is, relax, be an alert driver not an impatient one, forgive others drivers indiscretions if they are a little slower than you or you dont feel they were over to the left enough, and put a smile on your face behind the wheel. That other driver does not leave home intending to upset you, they dont even know you, all that aggression is all in your mind.

Be happy and we all might enjoy our driving a little more.

Felicity Edwards


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