Wrecking ball hangs over old house

DEMOLITION of a late 19th century house in New Norfolk won technical approval after two tied votes at last week’s meeting of the Derwent Valley Council. In the absence of three councillors including the mayor, the remaining six councillors were deadlocked on a motion to approve the demolition – which resulted in its defeat – and remained tied on a subsequent motion to refuse permission to demolish the house. Due to the technicalities of the Local Government Act, the tied votes meant the council had failed to reach a decision. When dealing with planning matters, when a council fails to decide on an application, it is automatically approved.

The house on the corner of Burnett and George Sts has been the subject of discussion in the press. The owner, property developer Humana Pty Ltd was not required to state its reasons for wanting to demolish the house but the purpose has been speculated as being for the extension of the adjoining Woolworths car park, also owned by Humana.

Debate on the matter went on for more than an hour. Voting was as follows:

Motion to approve demolition – For: Crs Elliott, Molan-Hill, Graham; Against: Lathey, Farrell, Bester; Absent: Evans, Bromfield, Shaw. Result: Tied vote (lost).

Motion to refuse demolition – For: Lathey, Farrell, Bester; Against: Elliott, Molan-Hill, Graham; Absent: Evans, Bromfield, Shaw. Result: Tied vote (lost).


  1. Where were the three councillors and the mayor they do not give a shit about new norfolk . Welldone to lathey,farrell,bester you will get my vote next time.For elliott,molan-hill,shaw,bromfield,evans,graham noway i would not vote for them at all.

  2. I hope this house has not been demolished and is being looked after. Would hate to see it be vandalised like the RDH. SHAME on NEW NORFOLK COUNCIL. I grew up there in the 60's, 70's & 80's in those days the Council look out for the benefits of the town & people, but like everywhere now, they are only looking out to see how much they can make into their pockets.

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