Adams welcomes apple exports to China

FRUIT growing in the Derwent Valley has been given a potential boost with the recent approval of apple exports to China. “This is a great step forward for our apple export industry,” Lyons MHR Dick Adams said last week. “Tasmania was once known as the ‘Apple Isle’ and with good reason – our producers grow some of the finest apples in the world. This step forward will only enhance our international reputation,” he said.

Mr Adams said the Derwent Valley had a strong history of fruit production, which in recent years has encountered some setbacks. “This announcement builds upon the Derwent Valley’s success in the lucrative non-fumigated Japanese cherry market, and it’s to be hoped that this will signal a new strength in Tasmanian fruit exports,” he said.

Mr Adams said China had now recognised Tasmania’s pest-free status for fruit flies and the monitoring and control program for apple codling moth along with orchard management of light brown apple moth, woolly apple aphid and brown rot. ““I commend the work that has been done to allow Tasmanian growers to access the Chinese market under a new workable protocol system.”

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