LETTER: Lack of services

WITH the Derwent Valley recently being thrust into the spotlight for unthinkable acts, the community still manages to be left without its common services from police and ambulance. A regular day for paramedics tends to leave the Valley without an ambulance (for any medical emergencies) for lengthy periods of time. There is also a lack of police services available in the town of New Norfolk.

Only a month ago a young man suffering from a then undiagnoised anaphylaxis rushed into a pharmacy for help. Pharmacy staff phoning the ambulance service were told it was in Hobart and the closest ambulance came from Mornigton. Thank heavens for pharmacy and medical centre staff and a doctor. Recently an elderly man fell and knocked his head in High St. He was assisted by bystandersand left waiting in the street for 15 minutes due to the New Norfolk ambulance being in Hobart.

In all fairness our ambulance service is stretched and they do an amazing job, but when is the Governemnt  going to realise we need more and better facilities from these services?  The Derwent Valley isn’t the only municipality crying out for this. Volunteers are essential to the ambulance service but why aren’t they all being trained to just under paramedic level? This would help ease some of the pressure.

With recent armed holdups in the town it’s little wonder many people are talking about the lack of police services and presence. Whilst we have great services when available, what is anyone to do if they are in need of urgent attention?


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