Libs slam “dud” bridge

THE latest failure of the Bridgewater Bridge lifting span proved that the State Government had spent $14 million on a dud, Liberal Lyons MHA Rene Hidding said today. “For the Bridgewater Bridge’s new lifting mechanism to fail for the fourth time since February is more evidence of this Green-Labor Government’s total incompetence when it comes to infrastructure,” Mr Hidding said.

Mr Hidding’s comments come the day after a “computer error” was blamed for the latest failure of the lifting span. “The refurbished lifting mechanism is causing mayhem for vehicle and boating traffic on average every two to three weeks. The Infrastructure Minister’s response to this latest infrastructure debacle is astounding.  David O’Byrne has admitted a long term solution won’t be looked at for another six years,” he said.

“It is just not good enough. The minister has spent $14 million on a short-term solution for Bridgewater Bridge that isn’t working and he expects everyone to just put up with it. The Green-Labor Government has repeatedly shown it has no idea about infrastructure. How much more mismanagement can Tasmanians take? We have carriages falling off rail tracks and roads crumbling, the Bridgewater Bridge problems are just the latest in a long list of failures.”

Read the Mercury newspaper’s report of yesterday’s incident here.

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