Letter to the editor: Consultation?

ONE hand giveth, and the other taketh away. The State Government has committed a callous act of cruelty against its people, by setting an impossible task as the only option schools and their surrounding communities have to object to the imminent closure of their schools.

On the surface the smiling assasins have offered an opportunity for the communities to have an influence on the ultimate decisions of which schools will be axed. But in reality the time limits and the parameters the set for public consultaion, and preparation of a structured evidenced-based objection that addresses the criteria as well as all concerns of the community, are impossible to meet.

Perhaps the greatest twist of the knife is that they have put volunteer parent associations in a position where they are obliged to drip feed the information to the public as they recieve it and are given strict guidelines of how it is to be done. These parents volunteered their time to represent their children’s best interests – which these decisions clearly are not!

Kelly Wilton
Save Glenora Action Group

PS: Have you registered your support yet? Please follow the links to sign the petition and or join our facebook group. Please spread the word!

Save Glenora Action Group

Save Glenora District High School petition

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