Councillor Elliott bows out

Jim Elliott

RETIRING councillor Jim Elliott tonight announced an earlier-than-expected departure from the Derwent Valley Council due to illness. Cr Elliott said he would probably be in hospital at the time of next month’s council meeting, which is likely to be the last before this year’s council election.

Never one to pull his punches, Cr Elliott concluded his valedictory remarks at tonight’s council meeting with some pointed questions for mayor Martyn Evans. He asked:

  • When would a progress report be received from the council’s regional development officer? The position had been filled for some months and it was time to hear about the progress made. (The staff member said she was not aware a report had been wanted, but was happy to provide one).
  • When would the New Norfolk Business Alliance Special Committee provide its long-awaited report on its future plans? (The mayor said he was now chairing the Business Alliance and would pursue this).
  • Would the mayor, general manager and staff find somewhere less public to take their cigarette breaks?
  • Why had it taken the mayor two weeks to pass on an invitation to an important function this Saturday? (The mayor said he had been sick for a week).
  • What was the mayor doing to help the Derwent Valley Chamber of Commerce, which was in recess and in danger of folding?
  • What knowledge did the mayor have of the deputy mayor creating a situation that forced a small business to leave the town? (The deputy mayor said he had merely made inquiries about having first option on an office should it become available. He described a recent newspaper article as a beat-up).
  • What were the major achievements of the mayor’s two years in office, other than presiding over an increased number of closed council meetings despite promises of openness, and having his photo in the Derwent Valley Gazette almost every week? (The mayor said he would provide a written statement of his achievements).

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