Bridge stuck again

THE latest failure of the Bridgewater Bridge lifting span has been slammed by State Opposition infrastructure spokesman Rene Hidding MHA. “For the Bridgewater Bridge’s $14 million dollar lifting mechanism to fail for the fifth time since February is more evidence of this Green-Labor Government’s total incompetence when it comes to infrastructure,” Mr Hidding said on Sunday.

“[This] failure shows just what a dud the lifting mechanism is – in fact as big a dud as this government. And so far there is no indication as to when the problem will be rectified literally leaving boats up the river without a paddle. How much more mis-management can Tasmanians take?” he said.

“David O’Byrne has previously admitted a long term solution won’t be looked at for another six years. Well it is just not good enough. The Minister has spent $14 million on a short term solution for Bridgewater Bridge that isn’t working and he expects everyone to just put up with it. It’s time David O’Byrne started taking his responsibilities seriously instead of avoiding what is becoming a serious problem.”

A government spokesman told the Mercury newspaper that the lifting span was temporarily closed. Despite the well-publicised failures, there had been more than 100 successful lifts since December. Read more here.

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