It’s recycling week

IF you’re in New Norfolk it’s recycling week again, so don’t forget to put your new yellow bin alongside your garbage bin. This week will be the second fortnightly emptying of the new recycling bins since they were distributed last month. Some householders mistakenly put their yellow bins out last week.

Unlike the old recycling crates, the new yellow bins are emptied fortnightly and should be put out along with your garbage bin (or on their own if you’re now throwing less into that bin) on your usual collection day. The council asks that bins be placed about one metre apart.

What can go in the recycling bin?

  • Paper and cardboard: Flatten boxes and place all cardboard and paper loose into the wheelie bin. Paper and cardboard does not need to be tied.
  • Glass bottles and jars: Please remove all caps and lids and rinse out the containers.
  • Aluminium and steel: Food and drink cans (washed clean please).
  • Plastic bottles: Clear and coloured plastic bottles and jars (please remove lids and rinse).
  • Liquid paperboard containers: Milk cartons etc, but not those with foil lining (please rinse).

Please don’t include the following in your recycling:
Plastic bags, food scraps, garden waste, pizza boxes (and other food-contaminated cardboard), plastic meat trays, nappies, household rubbish, sharps (syringes etc), unwashed containers, window glass, light globes, crockery, spray cans, broken glass, ceramics, Pyrex, medical waste.

Questions about the recycling service should be directed to the Derwent Valley Council, phone 6261 8530 on weekdays between 8.15am and 5pm.

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