Llewellyn meet and greet

WILLOW Court Conservation chairman David Llewellyn met with the historic site’s two “friends” groups earlier tonight and said he had been anxious to talk with them. About 15 members of the Friends of Willow Court and Friends of Frescati were there, along with several councillors and the council general manager. Mr Llewellyn said it was important to discuss what the three bodies could do to meet their mutual objective of advancing the important work of conserving and developing Willow Court.

Mr Llewellyn said power supply and security were his immediate priorities. The state’s electricity retailer, Aurora Energy, was due to provide him with some options in the next 7-10 days and he would meet its chief executive officer Peter Davis to discuss the recommendations. “It will most likely be an underground service, which may have some archaeological issues,” he said.

Meanwhile, discussions were being held with Heritage Tasmania about making sure proposed security improvements were as authentic as possible and in keeping with the history of the site. Mr Llewellyn said electricity and security were the keys to having the site operational as soon as possible.

There was a brief discussion about the need to develop a calendar of events at Willow Court, with Mr Llewellyn saying he envisaged a major event being held on site every three months or so. He similarly proposed meeting with representatives of the Friends groups every three or four months. In closing the meeting, Mr Llewellyn asked the representatives of the two Friends groups to consider the benefits of amalgamating.

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