Last weekend’s junior football

New Norfolk Junior Football Club
Round 14 results

UNDER 8: New Norfolk Black 11.5 (71) d New Norfolk Red 7.3 (45) at Tynwald Park. Goals – NN Red: Jakob Quarrell 7, Ashton Henderson, Gregory Picken, Joshua Whyte, Max Marriott; Best – NN Red: Jakob Quarrell, Max Marriott, Joshua Whyte, Connor Lennox, Jye Gray and Gregory Picken.

UNDER 9: New Norfolk Eagles 12.7 (79) d Claremont Bulldogs 3.2 (20) at Cadbury. Goals – NN: Connor Gittus 2, Taj Auksorius 2, Zack Holloway 2, Hayden Kennedy 2, William Temple 2, Blake Lennox, Tyler Carr; Best – NN: Connor Gittus, Billie Green, Cain Plunkett, William Watts, Tyler Triffett, Kyeden Booth.

New Norfolk Black 17.10 (112) d Brighton Robins 8.8 (56) at Ferguson Park, Pontville. Goals – NN: B. Smith 3, J. George 3, R. Wenban 2, T. Bailey 2, B. Butler 2, R. Higgins, C. Jenkins, B. Triffett, B. Tomlin, Z. Holdsworth; Best – NN: J. George, J. Banks, R. Wenban, B. Triffett, B. Tomlin, B. Russell. Our trophy day will be held in the beer garden at the NNDFC at noon on August 18 before the seniors’ last home game.

UNDER 10: New Norfolk Eagles 18.7 (115) d Lindisfarne Lightning at Tynwald Park. Goals – NN: J. Bearman 3, J. Triffett 3, Z. Wheeler 3, J. Carnes 2, Z. Wickham 2, R. Triffitt, L. Bowerman, G. Lazenby, R. Wilton, Z. Kelly; Best – NN: Z. Wickham, J. Triffett, J. Bearman, D. Browning, J. Carnes, R. Triffitt.

New Norfolk 13.10 (88) d North Hobart Blue 10.7 (67) at Tynwald Park. Goals – NN: C. Kemmler 2, D. Davis 2, B. Masterton 2, J. Pearce 2, H. Davis 2, J. Cantrell, K. Browne, J. Triffett; Best – NN: C. Kemmler, H. Davis, D. Davis, J. Cantrell, K. Browne, J. Pearce.

UNDER 11: Game not played. Next game: v Clarence Red at Tynwald Park at 1.15pm on Sunday.

UNDER 12: Claremont 5.3 (33) d New Norfolk 4.4 (28) at Cadbury Oval. Goals – NN: T. Rainbird 2, E. Watt, J Bearman; Best – NN: E. Watt, T. Nation, T. Eiszele, J. Adams, J. Bearman, R. Browning.
Next game: v Clarence at Tynwald Park at 2.30pm on Sunday.

UNDER 13: Had the bye. Next game: v Claremont at Cadbury Oval at 11am on Sunday.

UNDER 14: New Norfolk 4.8 (32) d Southern Storm 2.3 (15) at Tynwald Park. Goals – NN: Alex Blair 2, Joshua Ransley, Connor Salter; Best – NN: Cooper Triffitt, Joshua Ransley, Joshua Farrow, Connor Salter, Brandon Higgins, Alex Blair. In tough conditions New Norfolk defeated Southern Storm in a low scoring contest. Both teams worked hard and all boys should be proud of their efforts. Next game: v Lindisfarne at Tynwald Park at 11.30am on Sunday.

UNDER 15: New Norfolk 5.6 (36) d Brighton 3.8 (26) at Tynwald Park. Goals – NN: Brett Hodge 2, Jordan Eiszele, Josh Raspin, Nathan Wakefield. Next game: v Sorell at Pembroke Park, Sorell at 12.30 on Sunday. In wet and muddy conditions the New Norfolk defeated Brighton by 10 points at Tynwald Park on Sunday. The young Eagles played some good football considering the conditions. Ruckman Daniel Browning showed everyone how to not only win the ruck duals but to also do it effectively. He covered plenty of the ground, gathering many valuable possessions. Hayden Bielleman got back to his best with a great display. Ever-reliable Brayden Chaplin showed why he is one of the best defenders in the league, racking many possessions down back. Nathan wakefield, Josh Raspin and Nick Wakefield put in four great quarters. The Eagles have one more roster match before finals and coach Josh Clifford is doing an excellent job with his young charges. They have a great feeling for each other and are a close-knit team. Well done to Brett Hodge for being selected and playing for the New Norfolk senior team against the Central Hawks at Oatlands last Saturday. He played again on Sunday with the Under 15s and was very good all around the ground. This weekend Mitchell Booth will play his 50th game. A big thank you to the mums from the Under 15s who helped Chris Lovell and David Banks with the canteen not only last weekend but also for a few weeks back.

UNDER 16: New Norfolk 9.9 (63) d Sandy Bay 6.3 (39) at Queenborough Oval. Goals – NN: Josh Rowlands 3, Brad Ransley 2, B. Townsend, Blaze Reed, Cody Neads, Tyron Rainbird; Best – NN: Jacob Daley, James Webb, Tyron Rainbird, Brad Ransley, Aiden Pearton, Daniel Coppleman. Next game: v Clarence at Geilston Bay at 2pm on Sunday.

Congratulations to the Under 8s, 9s and 10s for an excellent season. You and your parents have represented the club very well. We hope you all have enjoyed the season and we would love to see you all playing again next year.

A special mention to hard-working NNJFC committee member and Under 13s coach Michael Graham who has been in hospital. From all involved with the NNJFC we wish Michael a speedy recovery.


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