Last weekend’s cricket

Southern Cricket Association
Round 12

NEW Norfolk I batsman David Maddox hit up a well-made century in his team’s win against Richmond/Cambridge at Tynwald Park last Saturday. Maddox, who came in at first drop with the score on 96, batted right to the end of the 50 overs – finishing on 114 not out. After winning the toss the New Norfolk openers got on top early with Jake King making 65 and Rohan Heron 45, but it was Maddox who controlled the innings from here on in. Stewart Rice had a great game making 45 while Josh Rowlands remained 18 not out as New Norfolk finished 6 for 331 off 50 overs. In reply Richmond/Cambridge was never in the hunt and was bowled out for 111. After batting well Stewart Rice did like wise with the ball, picking up 4 for 23. Spinner Ashley Morgan took 3 for 23 while the old faithfull Graeme Rowlands picked up 2 for 22.

In other matches Gretna I had a 196 run win over eight-placed Bagdad at Bagdad. The home team won the toss and sent Gretna in to bat. Gretna was going along nicely at 4 for 138 but then found themselves at 7 for 154. Captain Ben Rainbird was the 7th wicket to fall and batted well making 69 with the team looking like making a small total. But from here the lower order batsmen rebuilt the innings with Aaron Maddox at number 10 made 88 smashing 6-4s and 7-6s, well-assisted by Tom Allcock batting at number eight and hitting up a well made 50 not out. Jackson Ackerly also did well making 25 in his 100th club game. Well done Jacko, let there be many more games ahead. Gretna finished 9 for 323 of 48 overs. After giving up the chance to keep Gretna to a score under 200 Bagdad never looked in the hunt and was bowled out for 127. Spinner Craig Cunningham bowled well, picking up 4 for 39 and unlucky not to get 5 with one catch being put down on the boundary. Corey Ransley also did well taking 3 for 29, while Mathew Burns and the run maker Aaron Maddox took one each.

In the match at Clarendon Vale, Molesworth I lost to Rokeby. Molesworth won the toss and had first hit making 10 for 177. Captain Ricky Martin top-scored with 53 which included 6-4s and 4-6s (not much running there. Young Brad Ransley is showing a lot of promise and made 33 with 7 well struck 4s. Nathan Eiszele chipped in with 26. Rokeby didn’t muck around in the run chase, finishing 4 for 183 off just 23.2 overs. Ricky Martin doubled up, taking 2 for 35 to be the best Molesworth bowler, while M. Siely and Brad Coppleman got one each.

In 5th Grade, New Norfolk II made it a double for the club with a big eight-wicket win over Sorell at Sorell. The home team won the toss and had first hit, but it was just about all over before it started, as they were bowled out for just 63. The youngster who took 8 wickets in round 10 again dominated with the ball, skittling the Sorell top order taking 4 for 20 off 8 overs. You are in some fine form Walshy! Richard Munnings also did well with 2 for 11 while Jamie Hill and Mitchell Rice took 1 each. New Norfolk had little trouble in the run chase, losing just the two wickets to finish 2 for 71 off 12 overs. Opener Richard Munnings did very well and remained 52 not out.

On Sunday in 4th Grade, Gretna II had a 7 wicket loss to Derwent at New Town High School. Winning the toss and batting first, Gretna made the competitive total of 10 for 187. Captain Todd Jarvis held the innings together, top-scoring with 40. Openers Jordan Hastie made 27 and Nick Wakefield 17 while Brad Moles chipped in with 22 at number 10 and Cody Eyles made 11 not out. Derwent made the run chase look easy, losing just the 3 wickets to finish 3 for 189 off 38.1 overs. Joey Eyles bowled very well for Gretna to take all three wickets for 35 runs off 10 overs.
After winning the last seven matches, Bushy Park lost its first match since round three, going down to DOSA by 7 wickets at the Bushy Park Showgrounds on Sunday. Bushy won the toss and had first hit, but struggled to make a big score and was bowled out for 159. Geoff Crosswell played his part with a steady 57, while Nick Fenton tried hard making 24, Shaun Fenton did likewise, but was out for 15. Trent Grant was the other batsman with double figures, making 11. In the run chase, DOSA was in full control, losing just the three wickets finishing 3 for 160 off 29 overs. Dylan Grant snared two wickets while Troy “Wizard” Smith got the other.

Due to Risdon Vale pulling out of 5th Grade, Molesworth II had a bye.
I’ve seen and heard of some big scores made in cricket and on Sunday in 4th Grade was no exception. In the match between McRobies Gully and Marquis Tigers on the small Lansdowne ground in West Hobart, McRobies Gully made the massive total of 8 for 517 off their 50 overs (40 extras). Three batsmen scored centuries (134, 125 & 109). Thirty-nine 4s and forty 6s were belted to the boundary. In reply Marquis Tigers were bowled out for 164 off 24.4 overs. The small ground may have had a lot to do with the massive score, but as they say in cricket “you still have to get em” and McRobies Gully certainly did that!

SCORES – SECOND GRADE: New Norfolk I 6 for 331 off 50 overs (35 extras) d Richmond/Cambridge 9 for 11 off 26.1 (12 extras) at Tynwald Park. New Norfolk batting:David Maddox 114, Jake King 65, Rohan Heron 45, Stewart Rice 45, Josh Rowlands 18no. New Norfolk bowling: Stewart Rice 4-23 (7.1), Ashley Morgan 3-23 (5), Graeme Rowlands 2-22 (6).

Gretna I 9 for 323 off 48 overs (53 extras) d Bagdad 10 for 127 off 31.1 overs (10 extras) at Bagdad.
Gretna batting: Aaron Maddox 88 6-4s 7-6s, Ben Rainbird 69 7-4s 1-6, Tom Allcock 50no  4-4s 1-6, Jackson Ackerly 25 1-4 1-6, Mathew Burns 17 2-4s, Corey Ransley 11no 1-4 1-6, Damien Hack 10 1-4. Gretna bowling: Craig Cunningham 4-39 (9), Corey Ransley 3-29 (6), Aaron maddox 1-17 (6), Mathew Burns 1-21 (7.1).

Rokeby 4 for 183 off 23.2 overs (29 extras) d Molesworth I 10 for 177 off 42.1 overs (10 extras) at Clarendon Vale.  Molesworth batting: Ricky Martin 53 6-4s 4-4s, Brad Ransley 33 7-4s, Nathan Eiszele 26 3-4s 1-6, Nick Piuselli 21 2-4s 2-6s. Molesworth bowling: Ricky Martin 2-35 (6), M. Siely 1-35 (4), Brad Coppleman 1-38 (4).

FOURTH GRADE – Derwent 3 for 189 off 38.1 overs (23 extras) d Gretna II 10 for 187 off 47.5 (43 extras) at New Town High School. Gretna batting: Todd Jarvis 40 3-4s, Jordan Hastie 27 1-4, Brad Moles 22 2-4s 1-6, Nick Wakefield 17 1-4, Cody Eyles 11no.  Gretna II – bowling: Joey Eyles 3-35 (10). 

DOSA 3 for 160 off 29 over (31 extras) d Bushy Park 10 for 159 off 44.5 overs (27 extras) at Bushy Park Showgrounds. Bushy Park batting: Geoff Crosswell 57, Nick Fenton 24, Shaun Fenton 15, Trent Grant 11.
Bushy Park bowling: Dylan Grant 2-26 (6), Troy Smith 1-22 (7).

FIFTH GRADE -New Norfolk II 2 for 71 off 12 overs (10 extras) d Sorell 10 for 62 off 22.5 overs (13 extras) at Sorell No.2. New Norfolk batting: Richard Munnings 52no. New Norfolk II bowling: Josh walsh 4-20 (8), Richard Munnings 3-11 (5), Jamie Hill 1-15 (6), Mitchell Rice 1-15 (3.5).

Molesworth II –  bye.

This weekend’s games – all matches start at 10.30am
SECOND GRADE – Saturday: Gretna I v Runnymede at Gretna; Molesworth I v Bagdad at Boyer Oval; New Norfolk I v Montagu Bay Sharks at Tynwald Park.

FOURTH GRADE – Saturday: Gretna II v Marquis Tigers at Cambridge Oval; Bushy Park v Knights at Cosgrove.

FIFTH GRADE – Saturday: New Norfolk II has a bye; Molesworth II v Montagu Bay Sharks at Geilston Bay.

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