Mayor to bow out at next election

IN a social media post responding to the recent Director of Local Government Report into the Derwent Valley Council, Mayor Martyn Evans last week announced that he would retire at the council election due in October next year.

Writing on Facebook late last week, Cr Evans said his remarks were his thoughts only. The post is reproduced below without alteration.

“This report highlighted that this is not a toxic council by any means but highlighted some concerns.

“I will still argue that the PCYC said loan was right thing to do with commitment of the police minister and commissioner that the funds would be reimbursed. PCYC now currently has over 600 members creating a service for or young people

“Model code of conduct:.. Our council has always been a bit different to most challenging the realms but on this occasion it was a fight that couldn’t be won. I feel for the councillors who voted in favour and still receive a reprimand I being one. This is a common thread in this report where councillors weren’t implicated still received a reprimand

“Percuinary intrest complaints: Farcical is a word myself and a least one other Councillor was accused of having an intrest in numerous clubs/groups by being the chairman it is extremely disappointing that a councillor would make these allegations when all as we are doing is helping and contributing to our community groups

“Loan to the Mayor: This loan has never been signed by myself I’m still in total disagreeace this was a claim for my private motor vehicle that blew the engine on one of the many mayoral duties (over 150k kilometers since I became mayor back in 2009 six weeks ago I put a claim in with the general manager and accountant for the differential between mileage claim and use of the credit since 2009 this figure is excess of 31k

“Credit cards: I was glad that this got investigated as I’m sick of the tarnishment of my name. the disturbing thing was that a councillor was found to be providing miss leading and untrue information on numerous occasions. but that’s right the councillor doesn’t get named which I think is a joke and I will be pursuing this further. You think the said councillor would have the balls to admit not likely

“USE of private vessel. Really! By towing this pontoon both ways saved rate payers thousands of dollars. I’m at a loss

“The 15 recommendations: I agree with all of these and I think as a council we are already ticking of most of these.

“WITH REGRET: I will not be standing in the 2018 elections

“I have enjoyed working with most of my elected members and community but some …

“Come October 2018 I will be spending more time with my family and friends.”

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