Candidate statement: Matthew Hill


I have lived in the Derwent Valley all my life and I am proud and passionate of where I live. I continue to be an active volunteer in the Derwent Valley community through many personal commitments.

I have a strong understanding of Local Government and it’s policies and procedures with over 15 years of experience.

I am committed to working to achieve:

Communication, community consultation and involvement – Respectful, accurate and open communication to and consultation with residents. Communication and consultation processes that are easy to understand, accessible, frequent and are relevant to age, gender and interests.

Supplying the best value for money services that meet demands of the community – Encouraging partnerships and collaboration between Council and community organisations leading to funding and improved services. As opposed to outsourcing of services, cash hand outs and unnecessary increases in rates, fees and charges.

Access to greater local employment and training opportunities – Encouraging greater use of local businesses, local economic growth and investment, and working with service providers to assist with addressing identified barriers to access employment and training.

Community safety – A long-term plan to co-ordinate community safety and crime prevention initiatives, and identify, prioritise and contribute to addressing safety issues at a local level.

Equal access – A long-term strategy for residents with disabilities to have equal access to facilities, services, programs and activities.

Positive ageing – A long-term strategy to support older residents to feel valued and respected for their knowledge, life experiences, skills, stories, history, creativity and wisdom.

Support for youth and children – Ethically and inclusively work with young people and children through providing low cost supportive activities and programs appropriate to age, gender and interests.

Recognising volunteers – Regular community recognition programs to acknowledge the value of the many unpaid and timeless efforts of volunteers in the Derwent Valley community.

Greater access to medical services – Advocating for greater mental health support services and other appropriate services.

Written and authorised by Matthew Hill, 109 Glebe Road, New Norfolk 7140

All intending candidates are invited to submit statements and photos for publication by emailing
2018 council election timetable
  • Nominations announced…. noon Tuesday, 25 September 2018
  • Polling period ……………….. Monday, 8 October to 10am Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Full details about the council election process can be found here.
* Comments on this article are switched off as anonymous comments cannot be published during the election period. Have your say by emailing a Letter to the Editor. This must include your name and town for publication, and a phone number for verification.

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