Media Release: Candidate Wayne Shoobridge

Wayne Shoobridge

Press Release – September 29, 2018
Wayne Shoobridge, Candidate for Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Derwent Valley Council

Over the past few weeks of the campaign there have been numerous references to employment within the valley. The unemployment rate for our youth in Southern Tasmania is around 21.5%, and with all the discussion that we need to do something, I have put a proposal together and I will put it forward at the first Council meeting, if elected, as a
motion on notice.

Given that Councils are restricted as to how far they can become involved within employment issues, I would like to propose the following: That Council allocate the amount of $15,000 per annum from the Budget, to enable a Grant Allocation Fund for Small Business to be established.

This would enable three grants per annum of up to $5000 to be made to Small Business Owners within the Derwent Valley who employ local unemployed youth on a permanent basis for 30 hours plus a week and that employment would need to continue for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months period, a claim would be submitted and all claims for that year would be assessed. If more than three applications were received and qualified, then a ballot would take place.

There will be a criteria of course and my full proposal which will be tabled with the motion will need to be approved by Council and may be altered from what I submit. A committee will need to be formed as well. The above might not sound like much but it is a start. It is a plan and it is something we can build on. We need to take action. The time for talk is extinct. This plan not only addresses youth unemployment it also will assist and attract small business in the valley.

Written and authorised by Wayne Shoobridge, 47 Hobart Rd, New Norfolk 7140.

All candidates are invited to submit statements and photos for publication by emailing
When do you vote? Voting packs will start to be delivered on 8 October 8 and must be returned by 10am on October 30 for your vote to count. Full details about the council election process can be found here.
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