Big margins in NNDFC best and fairest

Senior best and fairest winner Mark Horne, left, with Josh Hills
(Most Consistent Award), Ben Lovell (best and fairest runner-up)
and Jacob Daley (Lyn Harris Award winner).

A PREMIERSHIP may have eluded the New Norfolk District Football Club this season but the quality displayed at last month’s best and fairest award night shows that the Eagles will be back up at the top of the league in no time.

Big winning margins were the order of the night in all four divisions. It was a runaway win for Mark Horne in the Les Hepper Medal, taking out the award on 58 votes, a big margin of 24 votes clear of runner[up in Ben Lovell. Horne had a terrific season, including being runner-up in the SFL William Leitch Medal.

Some of the senior women’s team trophy winners.

In the senior women’s team, which had its first season, it was an even bigger win with Tayhlar Tangata polling a staggering 80 votes to take out the award. Tangata was a whopping 51 votes clear of runner up Olivia Smith. Congratulations Tayhlar on being the women’s inaugural Best and Fairest winner.

In the Reserves, for the Roydon Howard Medal, it was Luke Browning who had a stellar season, polling 69 votes, a huge 41 votes clear of runner up Tom Bligh. Browning is a veteran of the club who always gives his all. He thoroughly deserved the medal. In the Colts, it was Cody Morgan who did very well polling 56 votes in a excellent season. Morgan won by the margin of 18 votes ahead of Caleb Triffett.

The night was well attended and with the addition of the women’s team, it certainly was a more vocal crowd. Well done girls. Hats of to the board and volunteers for their efforts with the club and well done to all players, coaches and officials.



BEST AND FAIREST TALLY, SENIOR MEN: Mark Horne 58, Ben Lovell 34, Marcus Parker 22, JoshFarrow 21, Jacob Wigg 17, Josh Clifford 17, Jacob Daley 17, Josh Hills 16, Rohan Heron 15, Blair Wardlaw 13, Kyle Hansen 12, Nathan Eiszele 10, Ashley Burgess 9, Zeb Graham 8, Jake Campbell 8, Jayden Wilton 5, Josh Van Lierop 2, Jordan Banks-Smith 2, Jake King 1, Jordan Eiszele 1.

Tayhlar Tangata.

SENIOR WOMEN: Tayhlar Tangata 80, Olivia Smith 29, Tahlia Mundy 23, Corina Percey 21, Tamika Weber 20, Jess Oakley 15, Kira Maass 15, Hannah McMaster 13, Dani Cranage 13, Emma Hayter 9, Briana Laughlin 7, Ash Glover 6, Codie Lovell 5, Nevenka McKenzie 5, Joanne Flakemore 4, Jess Hyland 3, Kristie Grant 3, Hayley Sawyer 3, Brooke Richards 3, Jacinta Wright-Taylor 3, Natalie Flakemore 3, Carmen Gebel 2, Buffy-Lee Browning 2, Kiara Harris 1.

RESERVES: Luke Browning 69, Tom Bligh 28, Josh Walsh 22, Jake Foster 20, Tristan Triffett 14, Zeek Harris 13, Corey Ransley 13, Ashley Brooks 13, Wade Lockley 11, Tyler Purdon 10, Zeb Graham 8, Jordan Eiszele 7, Sam Webb 6, Rowan Thomason 5, Richard Graham 5, Kyle Walker 5, Dean Triffitt 4, Brinley Tomlin 4, Matthew Jones 3, Tyler Heron 3, Alan Matcham 3, Josh Ransley 3, Damian Triffett 3, Jaidyn Fisher-Cooley 2, Jayden Wilton 2, Lucas Harris 2, Matthew Parker 2, Dylan Morgan 2, Zachery Wheeler 2, Jordan Harris 2, Conlan Balmer 1, Thomas Rainbird 1.

COLTS (Under 18s): Cody Morgan 56, Caleb Triffett 38, Hayden Davis 34, Brock Triffett 27, Josh Palmer 16, Matthew Barnes 13, Luke Crosswell 11, Rhys Franklin 10, Corey Keleher 10, Rowan Thomason 10, Samual Holloway 6, Dylan Morgan 5, Jayden Fisher-Cooley 4, Jordan Harris 4, Thomas Rainbird 3, Zachery Wheeler 2, Blake Howlett 2, Jayden Triffett 1.


SENIOR MEN – Les Hepper Medal (Best & Fairest): Mark Horne, 58 votes; Runner-up: Ben Lovell, 34 votes; Coaches Award: Jordan Eiszele; Most Consistent: Josh Hills; Best Clubman: Brett Rothwell; Boy Wilton Award (Best Backman): Josh Farrow; Lyn Harris Memorial Award (Best Backman): Jacob Daley; Leading Goal Kicker: Marcus Parker, 51 goals; Volunteer Award: Basil Murray.

SENIOR WOMEN – Best & Fairest: Tayhlar Tangata 80 votes; Runner-up: Olivia Smith 29 votes; Best Utility: Briana Laughlin; Coaches Award: Leanne Flakemore; Most Consistent: Tahlia Mundy;  Best Clubman: Hannah McMaster; Leading Goal Kicker: Tamika Weber 1 goal.

RESERVES – Roydon Howard Medal (Best & Fairest): Luke Browning 69 votes; Runner-up: Tom Bligh 28 votes; Coaches Award: Brinley Tomlin; Most Consistent: Josh Walsh; Best Clubman: Corey Ransley; Boy Wilton Award (Best Backman): Zeek Harris; Leading Goal Kicker: Corey Ransley 27 goals.

COLTS – (Under 18s) – J.H. Dixon Medal (Best & Fairest): Cody Morgan 56 votes; Runner-up: Caleb Triffett 38 votes; Coaches Award: Tatem Lovell; Most Consistent: Hayden Davis; Best Clubman: Ricky Jackson; Boy Wilton Award (Best Backman): Thomas Rainbird; Leading Goal Kicker: Caleb Triffett 53 goals; Taylor Lacey Memorial Award: Josh Palmer.

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