New council’s gender balance is half and half

THE Tasmanian Electoral Commission has tonight announced the names of the successful candidates elected to the Derwent Valley Council for the next four years. For the first time, the council will have four female councillors and four males. They are, in the order of election:

  1. Paul Belcher
  2. Ben Shaw
  3. Julie Triffett
  4. Jessica Cosgrove
  5. Rachel Power
  6. Martyn Evans
  7. Luke Browning
  8. Anne Salt

    The election of councillors (above) is conducted separately to the elections for mayor and deputy mayor, which saw Cr Shaw elected mayor, while newcomer Jessica Cosgrove replaces Cr Shaw as deputy mayor.

    Councillors Barry Lathey, James Graham and Frank Pearce have lost their seats, while the recently-elected Cr Anne Salt has held onto hers at the expense of Chris Lester who polled more primary votes than the candidates elected in seventh and eighth spots.

    Outgoing mayor Martyn Evans has retained his seat as a councilor but has experienced a massive reduction in his personal vote, dropping from 722 in 2014 to 232 in 2018. Paul Belcher, Ben Shaw and Julie Triffett have all made big gains since 2014. 

    Final voting figures for all 18 candidates have been released tonight and are as follows:

    1. BELCHER, Paul 854 (ELECTED 1ST)
    2. SHAW, Ben 847 (ELECTED 2ND)
    3. TRIFFETT, Julie 473 (ELECTED 3RD)
    4. EVANS, Martyn 232 (ELECTED 6TH)
    5. POWER, Rachel 230 (ELECTED 5TH)
    6. COSGROVE, Jessica 215 (ELECTED 4TH)
    7. LESTER, Chris 195 
    8. SALT, Anne 184 (ELECTED 8TH)
    9. BROWNING, Luke 171 (ELECTED 7TH)
    10. HILL, Matthew 145 
    11. GRAHAM, James 142 
    12. HALL, Kristy 131 
    13. BINGLEY, Phillip 98 
    14. WOODS, Natasha 83 
    15. LATHEY, Barry 57 
    16. NICHOLSON, Tony 61 
    17. PEARCE, Frank 72 
    18. SHOOBRIDGE, Wayne 39 

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