Local men’s and women’s cricket results

Southern Cricket Association
Men’s Round 7
50 over matches

St Anne’s 5/234 off 44 overs defeated New Norfolk I 6/196 off 44 overs at Tynwald Park. Batting: Seb Wishart scored 54, Jason Rigby 39, Ben Smith 26 not out, Jordan Banks-Smith 25, Ryan Banks-Smith 22. Bowling: Seb Wishart 2-33 (10), Jordan Willoughby 1-24 (4), Josh Rowlands 1-29 (6).

Gretna I 10/181 off 10 overs defeated Derwent 10/120 off 45.4 overs at Gretna. Batting: Mathew Burns hit up 37, Peter Jelkic 31, Trent Grant 18, Rhys Browning 15. Bowling: Ben Rainbird 3-21 (8), Jackson Ackerly 2-18 (7.4), Craig Cunningham 2-18 (6), Mathew Burns 2-21 (10). 

Knights 10/156 off 43.5 overs defeated Molesworth I 10/125 off 30.5 overs at Boyer Oval. Batting: Josh Ransley made 48, Nick Piuselli 31, Daniel Coppleman 21 not out. Bowling:  Brayden Hodge 3-24 (9.5), Dean King 2-17 (8), Daniel Coppleman 2-35 (10), Jamie Adams 2-36 (8). 

New Norfolk II 1/135 off 27 overs defeated Wellington 7/164 off 35 overs in a rain-affected match at Tynwald Park, winning on its run-rate. Batting: Rohan Heron scored 56, Jake King 48 not out, Nathan Eiszele 19no. Bowling: Jamie Hill 2-34 (7), David Mitchelmore 1-21 (5), Nathan Eiszele 1-24 (7), Cody Morgan-Coleman 1-28 (6), Stewart Rice 1-33 (5). 

Weily Park Rockers 5/192 off 24 overs defeated Gretna II 6/191 off 50 overs. Batting: Ross Langford was 76 not out, Josh Whitford 45, Wade Gleeson 22, and Brian Smith 14. Bowling: Zac Webb 4-46 (5), Pat Brosnan 1-28 (6). 

The Bothwell I v Claremont match at Bothwell was washed out. 

Brighton 7/98 off 30.5 overs defeated New Norfolk III 10/95 off 23.2 overs at Pontville Park (Thompson Oval).  Batting: Nathan Heron made 24, Josh Walsh 21 and Craig Dale 20. Bowling: Nathan Heron 6-33 (10), and Josh Walsh 1-12 (10). 

The Bushy Park v Knights game at Collinsvale was washed out.

MacKillop Belta’s 6/168 off 37 overs defeated Bothwell II 9/166 off 35.3 overs at the North Warrane Oval. Batting: Nathan Eyles made 32, Brad Eyles 25, Joey Eyles 24, Bo Kline 23 not out, Jamie Divine 14. Bowling: Nathan Eyles 2-6 (2), Connor Woodham 2-16 (2.5). There were two run-outs and Bothwell played one player short.

The Molesworth II v Wellington fixture at Clarence High School was washed out.

Women’s T20 Matches 
Round 6 – December 15

Brighton 4/185 off 20 overs defeated New Norfolk 8/140 off 20 overs at Pontville on Saturday night. New Norfolk batting: Hannah Mann 25, Lisa East 15, Teagan Kemmler 14, Kelley Kemmler 12. New Norfolk bowling: Hannah Mann, 2-19 off 3 overs, Kelley Kemmler 1-27 off 3 overs, Kelly Read: 1-31 off 3 overs. 

T20 Superbash Men’s Semi-Finals and Grand Finals
Saturday, December 22.

THIRD GRADE: New Norfolk v Bagdad at Bagdad at 9.30am; MacKillop Bella’s v Old Beach at Bagdad, 12.45pm start.
FOURTH GRADE: Bothwell I v Weily Park Rockers at Risdon Vale, 9.30am start; Hobart v Wellington at Risdon Vale, 12.45pm start.
FIFTH GRADE: St Virgil’s v Knights at St Virgil’s College (Oval 1), 9.30am start; Bushy Park v Lindisfarne at St Virgil’s College (Oval 1), 12.45pm start.
SEVENTH GRADE: Sorell v St Virgil’s at Collinsvale Oval, 9.30am start; Bothwell II v Knights at Collinsvale Oval, 12.45pm start.

Good luck to all teams. Winners of these games will play off in the grand finals to be held that afternoon at the same venues at 4pm.


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