Local candidate in Senate election

Ray Williams

LOCAL businessman Ray Williams has been named as the lead candidate for the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) in this month’s half-senate election.

Mr Williams said he had followed the CEC for 20 years and believed its policies had much to offer the country, especially its proposals to break-up the big four banks. He said his own background in banking and small business gave him a good understanding of where the big banks had gone wrong in the last 30 years.

“Working for the National Australia Bank for 22 years from 1966 to 1988, I began as a junior and worked my way up to manager, taking postings to many different branches. Banks were regulated then – they served the community and risky activities were banned,” he said.

“When I left, banking had been deregulated and the speculation floodgates were opened. The just-concluded banking royal commission has shown that the last 30 years have been, within the banking industry, nothing more than a degeneration into the criminality of self-interest, greed and conflict of interests.”

After leaving the bank at age 39, Mr Williams and his wife Lesley established their family business in New Norfolk, which now trades as Williams Mitre 10. “Our sons and a dedicated workforce have helped to build a successful business,” he said.

“I have held several institutional positions in the past including former director of Mitre 10 Australia, former Derwent Valley councillor, former president of the Derwent Valley Chamber of Commerce and Hobart Sporting Car Club. I am currently the President of Derwent Valley Field and Game, and was previously the State President of the Tasmanian Field and Game Inc. for three years.

“Outside of my business and political activities, I am very enthusiastic about motor sports, hunting and fishing. My political ambition is to serve the people of Tasmania, and get all the CEC’s policies enacted into the laws of this country, especially the Bill for Bank Separation.”

Mr Williams described the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) as an independent political party leading the fight for Australia to return to the banking and economic development policies that would grow a productive economy as well as secure the future wellbeing of all Australians.

“The City of London and Wall Street multinational bankers and corporations and their Australian lackeys have directed, and profited from, the disastrous deregulation and privatisation policies that have destroyed many of our productive industries, looted the economy, and allowed the banks to gouge us for mega-profits,” he said.

“The CEC is inspired by the policies of old Labor, and its leaders such as John Curtin and Ben Chifley who believed in the ‘common good’ or raising the living standards of all people through nation-building infrastructure, education, free health care, and scientific and cultural progress.

“The CEC for over 30 years has advocated for peace in the world through economic development and co-operation between sovereign nations. The CEC defends and promotes the right to human progress for all people regardless of their nationality, religion or beliefs.”

Mr Williams is believed to be the only Derwent Valley candidate in this month’s Federal Election. Any others are welcome to send a profile and photo to newnorfolknews@gmail.com.

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