The new name for the New Norfolk Esplanade is…

A foggy morning at the New Norfolk Esplanade earlier this month.

A PROPOSAL to rename the esplanade reserve at New Norfolk to “New Norfolk Esplanade” has been supported by the Derwent Valley Council.

A report from an unnamed council officer to last week’s monthly council meeting said there was an issue with too many “esplanades” around the state.

The officer recommended that the council support the approval of the listed name of the reserve being altered from “Esplanade” to “New Norfolk Esplanade” and this was unanimously approved.

“The Nomenclature Board has notified council that there is an existing issue with the duplication of the name ‘Esplanade’ right across the state,” the officer said in a written report. “There are currently 57 instances of Esplanade across the state which are direct duplications.

“These include multiple examples of Esplanade East, Esplanade West, Esplanade South and Esplanade North as well as East Esplanade and West Esplanade and instances of The Esplanade. The Esplanade naming duplication is not ideal, has the potential to cause confusion and is an ongoing risk to accurate and timely discovery of any Esplanade property address.”

Referring to the consultation process for this proposed change, the officer said this had been done through a council workshop presentation and discussion.

The motion to support the name change was moved by Cr Julie Triffett and seconded by Cr Anne Salt. “I think it’s pretty explanatory in the background that there are so many esplanades around Tasmania that they don’t know where they all are, so this should help,” Cr Triffett said.

Mayor Ben Shaw said there might be many esplanades but New Norfolk’s was number one. Cr Martyn Evans said consideration should be given to including regional branding in the name, suggesting Derwent Valley Esplanade, but he was happy to support the motion. No other councillors spoke and when put to the vote the motion was carried unanimously.

The Nomenclature Board’s boundaries for the New Norfolk
Esplanade (colour) overlaid on Heritage Tasmania’s boundaries
for the same location.

There is a discrepancy between the Nomenclature Board’s description of the local esplanade and that of Heritage Tasmania.

The Nomenclature Board’s mapping shows the “Esplanade” as being between Burnett St and Alfred St, whereas the Tasmanian Heritage Register gives the “Derwent Esplanade” broader boundaries between Bridge St in the west and the start of the Derwent Cliffs scenic walk in the east.

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