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Tyson Eiszele

ALLROUNDER Tyson Eiszele gave an outstanding performance in his 50th senior game for the Eagles on Saturday. While the result was a loss for the side, there is no doubting Eiszele’s hold on his position in the senior side.

Capable in any position on the ground, he is a skillful midfielder who has made a welcome return to the team after being sidelined by a leg injury last season. He was a member of the 2017 premiership-winning side and is one of the younger players who form the future of the club.

The club says it is a pleasure to watch Tyson play, especially on the occasions when he shares the ground with his brothers Nathan and Jordy.

SENIOR MEN: New Norfolk played Dodges Ferry at Shark Park, at 2pm on Saturday
Dodges Ferry 7.0-42 9.3-57 14.4-88 21.6-132
New Norfolk 3.5-23 7.10-52 9.14-68 14.19-103
Dodges Ferry – Goal Kickers: E. Stanley 8, C. Hooker 6, J. Young 2, T. Cannan, O. Dodge, S. Kennedy, J. Wilson, T. Kelly; Best Players: E. Stanley, T. Cannan, J. Young, J. Dunn, C. Hooker, J. Murphy.
New Norfolk – Goals: M. Parker 7, J. County 4, B. Lovell 2, J. Hills; Best Players: J. County, T. Eiszele, J. Banks-Smith, J. Farrow, M. Parker, R. Thomason.

WOMEN: New Norfolk played Claremont at Abbotsfield Park, at 4.30pm on Saturday
Claremont 4.2-26 8.9-57 13.16-94 18.21-129
New Norfolk 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0-6
Claremont – Goals: G. Bailey 5, S. Roberts 3, B. Mckeever 3, K. Domkus 2, T. Chatterton 2, I. King , S. Wylie, E. Edwards; Best: G. Bailey , B. Mckeever, S. Wylie, I. King , E. Siely, K. Domkus
New Norfolk – Goal Kickers: B. Franklin; Best: K. Slater, K. Harris, H. McMaster, J. Kenzig , K. Rainbird, S. Walker.

RESERVES: New Norfolk played Dodges Ferry at Shark Park, at noon on Saturday

Dodges Ferry 5.2-32 9.4-58 11.5-71 12.7-79
New Norfolk 0.3-3 3.6-24 5.7-37 8.7-55
Dodges Ferry  – Goals: H. Barwin 6, L. Minty 2, L. Taylor 2, P. Allison, T. Howells; Best: L. Minty, H. Barwin, P. Broad, J. Chynoweth, L. Taylor, M. Young.
New Norfolk – Goals: B. Ransley 2, L. Browning 2, B. Hodge, J. Walsh, D. Triffitt, C. Ransley; Best: J. Walsh, L. Browning, J. Ransley, T. Purdon, B. Ransley.

RESERVES: New Norfolk played Dodges Ferry at Shark Park, at 10am on Saturday

Dodges Ferry 1.1-7 3.2-20 3.2-20 5.10-40
New Norfolk 1.6-12 2.9-21 5.17-47 7.18-60
Dodges Ferry – Goals: J. Arnold, T. Sookee, I. Enslow, M. Sutton, S. Fazackerley; Best: I. Enslow, S. Fazackerley, J. Arnold, T. Sookee, A. Richards, T. Morris.
New Norfolk – Goals: B. Howlett 2, T. Rainbird 2, T. Triffett, T. Lovell, J. Triffett; Best: H. Davis, W. Banks, C. Keleher, T. Rainbird, E. Holden, Z. Wheeler.

Boyer Oval, New Norfolk, August 3
SENIORS: New Norfolk v Claremont, 2pm
RESERVES: New Norfolk v Claremont, noon
WOMEN: New Norfolk v Kingborough, 10.15am

Click here to check for updated fixtures on the SFL website.

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