Weekend footy scores

Josh Clifford in action earlier
this season.

PLAYING coach Josh Clifford scored six majors while playing in his 200th senior game for the Eagles yesterday. Clifford’s milestone came during an Eagles derby at Sorell that saw the New Norfolk Eagles win two of their games against the Sorell Eagles.

There were big victories for the seniors and reserves over the local sides, while the colts went down by nine points. Meanwhile the female Eagles lost to the Sorell women, known as the South East Suns, at the same venue today.

Clifford’s coaching career began in 2011, coaching underage for three years including a premiership. He was captain of the club in 2014, 2015 and 2018, and has collected an outstanding six senior premierships.

Described by the club as one of the most passionate players ever to wear the red, white and black, Clifford is now doing what he had always strived to do – coaching the senior group – and travelling well. Congratulations Josh Clifford.

SENIORS  played at Pembroke Park, Sorell, at 2pm on Saturday
Sorell 1.3-9 1.4-10 5.4-34 7.5-47
New Norfolk 6.1-37 16.6-102 21.8-134 31.11-197
Sorell – Goal Kickers: T. Butterworth 2, I. Bateman 2, R. Prouse 2, E. Idstrom; Best Players: T. Banks, I. Salter, T. Butterworth , D. Lewis, R. Prouse, T. Castle.
New Norfolk – Goals: M. Parker 14, J. Clifford 6, J. Hills 3, B. Chaplin 2, J. Eiszele, J. Foster, J. Bearman, J. Farrow, J. Wigg, B. Ransley; Best: M. Parker, A. Burgess, J. Hills, J. Clifford, J. Foster, D. Coppleman.

WOMEN played at Pembroke Park, Sorell, at 12.30pm today (Sunday)

South East Suns 4.3-27 8.6-54 12.10-82 15.15-105
New Norfolk 0.0 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6
South East – Goals: S. Burridge 3, S. Grey 2, C. Whelan 2, L. Douglas 2, E. Bygrave, K. Stubbs, N. McSwain, J. Kube, J. Roy, C. Wise; Best: C. Whelan, N. McSwain, K. Stubbs, M. Bruce, C. Wise, A. Hickson.
New Norfolk – Goals: K. Rainbird; Best: K. Slater, S. Devine, L. Walker, C. Percey, S. Cantrell, B. Franklin.
RESERVES: played at Pembroke Park, Sorell, at noon on Saturday
Sorell 1.2-8 2.5-17 3.6-24 4.8-32
New Norfolk 4.2-26 7.4-46 10.5-65 12.8-80
Sorell – Goals: H. Bevis, S. Pace, M. Johnson, T. Gatehouse; Best Players: B. Mabb, C. Mitchell, B. Morley, M. Johnson, N. Beattie, J. Foster.
New Norfolk – Goals: J. Ransley 3, J. Campbell 3, L. Browning 2, R. Graham 2, D. Triffitt, K. Walker; Best: J. Walsh, L. Browning, L. Crosswell, B. Tomlin, J. Ransley, J. Fisher-Cooley.
COLTS: played at Pembroke Park, Sorell, at 10am on Saturday
Sorell 2.4-16 5.4-34 6.6-42 7.9-51
New Norfolk 2.2-14 2.3-15 3.3-21 6.6-42
Sorell – Goals: J. Rusher 2, T. Lovell 2, J. Parker, J. O’Brien, L. Dance; Best Players: L. Dance, L. Cameron, T. Lovell, J. Kyle, J. O”Brien, M. Prouse.
New Norfolk – Goals: J. Miller 3, B. Howlett, J. Triffett, S. Walker; Best Players: Z. Wheeler, J. George, J. Miller, J. Triffett, W. Banks, C. Keleher.

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