Weekend footy scores

SENIORS, played at Boyer Oval at 2pm on Saturday
New Norfolk 6.1-37 11.5-71 12.10-82 15.15-105
Hobart 3.0-18 3.0-18 3.0-18 4.2-26
New Norfolk – Goals: M. Parker 7, B. Ransley 3, J. Clifford 2, B. Chaplin 2, J. Banks-Smith; Best: M. Parker, J. Banks-Smith, B. Wardlaw, R. Thomason, B. Ransley, J. Wigg.
Hobart – Goals: T. Lewinski, D. Huxley, B. Goninon, M. Cripps; Best: G. Lynd, J. Barrett, W. Stadler, B. Lockley, C. Thongnoppakun, Z. Awde.

WOMEN, played at Cygnet at 2.30pm on Sunday
The Port 1.7-13 6.11-47 8.13-61 17.17-119
New Norfolk 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
The Port – Goals: S. Fox 6, M. Eaves 4, A. Munnings 3, H. Hasell 2, A. Sharp, S. Hubert; Best: S. Fox, E. Duggan, M. Eaves, S. Kluga, A. Munnings, I. Sharp.
New Norfolk – Best Players: C. Percey, G. McNeill, S. Devine, C. Skeggs, H. McMaster, J. Cleaver.

RESERVES, played at Boyer Oval at noon on Saturday
New Norfolk 0.2-2 2.3-15 4.4-28 5.5-35
Hobart 2.2-14 6.2-38 7.3-45 10.6-66
New Norfolk – Goals: K. Walker 2, R. Graham, C. Ransley, L. Crosswell; Best: K. Walker, T. Bligh, A. Minchin, K. Hansen, J. Foster.
Hobart – Goals: J. Webster 4, J. Baker, J. Harvey, T. Cosgrove, Z. Lucas, J. McGee, J. Rogerson; Best: D. Robottom, S. Gray, J. Harvey, A. Bidgood, M. Bird, J. McGee.

COLTS, played at Boyer Oval at 10am on Saturday
New Norfolk 1.2-8 1.6-12 1.6-12 3.7-25
Hobart 2.2-14 6.4-40 8.9-57 14.11-95
New Norfolk – Goals: Z. Holloway, B. Howlett, J. Miller; Best: T. Rainbird, B. Triffett, J. Miller, C. Keleher, W. Banks, E. Holden.
Hobart – Goals: K. Wright 5, T. Raspin 3, T. Styles 2, K. Buck, J. McDonald , J. Pearce, D. McEvoy; Best Players: B. Daniels, J. Pearce, T. Raspin, T. Gamble, K. Wright, H. Reinbach.

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