Fire service warnings for Extreme fire danger day

THE fire danger rating is expected to reach severe and extreme in some of the most populated parts of the state tomorrow.

Tasmania Fire Service and the Bureau of Meteorology say Extreme fire danger ratings are forecast for the Upper Derwent Valley and South-East districts on Monday.

Severe ratings are predicted for the Midlands, East Coast, and Furneaux Islands. Very High is forecast elsewhere apart from the North-West.

TFS chief officer Chris Arnol said that in Extreme conditions:

📛 even homes built to modern standards can’t be defended
📛 fires are extremely difficult to control
📛 don’t expect a fire truck in your driveway if a bushfire starts in your area and threatens your home
📛 it is always safest to leave early

Mr Arnol said it was time to review bushfire survival plans now.
📛 If you are camping in bushland areas, consider relocating from those areas ahead of tomorrow’s extreme conditions.
📛 If you live in bushland areas consider spending tomorrow in urban areas and shopping centres.
📛 Visit for information about how to prepare yourself and your family today for tomorrow’s conditions.
📛 If a bushfire occurs listen to ABC Local Radio for the latest warnings and advice.

“Tasmanians need to be prepared for a challenging day tomorrow as hot temperatures, strong gusty winds and low humidity is forecast to push the fire danger to extreme in parts of the state,” Mr Arnol said. “As far as the fire danger goes, tomorrow has the potential to be a very bad day across large parts of the state. It will be windy and very hot and fires that start will move very quickly.

“Although Tasmania’s fire agencies are well prepared with resources pre-positioned at high risk locations, bushfires in these conditions are extremely difficult to control. People can’t expect to see a fire truck in every driveway and an aircraft above every house.

“If you live in a bushfire prone area and you have a bushfire survival plan you should review that now. Understand that even homes built to the most modern standards can be indefensible in extreme conditions and we will not put firefighter’s lives at risk defending unprepared properties.

“If a bushfire starts in your area you must be prepared to enact your bushfire survival plan and remember that leaving early is always the safest option, particularly in these conditions. TFS recommends that people who are in bushland areas relocate to urban areas for the day, and people who are camping reconsider those plans.

“TFS and partner agencies are at the highest level of readiness to ensure there is a multi-agency response to any fires that do start. These measures are in place given the severity of the conditions that are expected to unfold throughout tomorrow,” Mr Arnol said.

The area (in red) of the current
Total Fre Ban in Tasmania.

Other information:
📛 Be aware of your surroundings and report any smoke or fire sightings to TFS immediately via Triple Zero (000).
📛 Some parks and walking tracks will be closed tomorrow. Visit for details.
Wellington Park, including Pinnacle Rd on Mt Wellington, will be closed tomorrow.
📛 If an incident unfolds in your area listen to ABC Local Radio or visit for the latest bushfire information.
📛 If you have a bushfire survival plan review it now and know what you will do and where you will go if a bushfire starts in your area.

🚫 A total fire ban remains in place until 2am on Tuesday, December 31, for the north and south.

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