Golf being played at New Norfolk

New Norfolk golf results – August 8-22, and a set of golf clubs found

THE New Norfolk Golf Club is trying to locate the owner of a set of golf clubs which were handed in recently. The distinctive Strata bag and clubs were found at Back River Rd recently and dropped off at the New Norfolk Golf Club.

Strata golf clubs
The New Norfolk Golf Club is seeking the owners of these clubs.

The owner, or anyone who knows the owner, is asked to send a private message to the club’s Facebook page, call the club on 6261 2653 or send an email to Proof of ownership will need to be provided. The clubhouse is open from 11am to 6pm on Wednesdays and 7am to 6pm on Saturdays.

Saturday 22/8/2020 Stroke – A Grade gross: L. Post 69, D. Stevenson 76, J. Hall 78; Nett: J. Raspin 77-10-67, W. Coleman 78-7-71 c/b, D. Williams 78-7-71. B Grade gross: L. Dittmann 84, M. Woodhams 86 c/b, R. Dureau 86; Nett: A. Watts 80-14-66, D. Giles 90-18-72, G. Duggan 87-14-73. C Grade gross: P. Harriss 94, K. Clark 95, T. Morgan 97 c/b; Nett: D. Jenkins 90-21-69, D. Daniels 94-23-71, A. Bewley 97-20-77 c/b.

Wednesday 19/8/2020 Stroke – 18 hole: J. Smith 67-0-67, J. Rainbird 71-3-68 c/b, K. Metcalfe 80-12-68, T. Morgan 89-20-69, I. Zwart 82-12-70. Birdie draw: G. Smith. 9 hole: K. Clark 42-10½-31½, I. Zwart 39-6-33, J. Smith 34-0-34 c/b, K. Metcalfe 40-6-34, W. Hodge 46-11-35. Birdie draw: K. Clark.

Saturday 15/8/2020 Stableford – A Grade: S. Ackerly 38 c/b, G. Heron 38 c/b, L. Post 38; B Grade: M. Minton 38, J. Gregson 36, A. Watts 35 c/b; C Grade: S Gray 34 c/b, A. Leitch 34, W. Wyker 31; NTPs: 3rd no takers, 6/15th L. Post, 8/17th S. Gray, 11th J. Rainbird. Superpin: L. Post. Eagles: S. Ackerly 16th, L. Post 9th. 4BBB: A. Lowe-M. Minton 46, D. Stevenson-J. Stevenson 45, L. McKenzie-B. Hall 44.

Wednesday 12/8/2020 Stableford – 18 hole: I. Zwart 40, T. Hardwick 38 c/b, K. Sturzaker 38, T. Morgan 37 c/b, B. Crowley 37. Birdie draw: K. Metcalfe. 9 hole: B. Rice, I. Zwart 21 c/b, J. Miller 21, D. Post 19 c/b, G. Smith 19 c/b. Birdie draw: K. Clark.

Saturday 8/8/2020 Warner Trophy Stableford – A Grade: J. Rainbird 36 c/b, L. Griffith 36 c/b, J. Hall 36. B Grade: I. Zwart 39, D. Lowry 37, B. Hall 33. C Grade: R. Hodge 44, J. Stevenson 37, T. Banks 33. NTP: 3rd J. Kinloch, 6/15th D. Daniels, 8/17th R. Walters, 11th D. Williams. Superpin: R. Walters. Warner Trophy winner: R. Hodge 44.

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