Brian Mitchell MP

Federal member’s praise for volunteers in Lyons

VOLUNTEERS were the lifeblood of the Lyons electorate, Labor member Brian Mitchell said in Federal Parliament earlier this month.

Speaking in the House of Representatives on November 10, Mr Mitchell said volunteerism had been to the fore during the coronavirus pandemic and would continue over summer.

“Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, and none are larger than life by more than Layton Hodgetts OAM, who sadly died on November 5,” Mr Mitchell said “Layton was the founder of the Derwent Valley Concert Band back in 1993. He is much missed by the Derwent Valley community.”

“Over this pandemic, volunteers in my community have been keeping people fed through Neighbourhood Houses and Community Houses. They’ve been bringing together meals that have been prepared by people in their homes to keep fed people who haven’t been able to afford those meals themselves.

“Over this summer, we are going to have volunteer firefighters from brigades across my electorate go all through – we hope and pray it’s not necessary, but we know history tells us there will be bushfires this summer. We’ve got a lot of very, very long grass.

“We can count on the volunteer firefighters across Lyons to do the right thing and be there for their communities. Volunteers are the lifeblood of my electorate. We have thousands of volunteers: firefighters, ambos, community workers, St John. They’re out every weekend and every day of the week. I tip my hat to the volunteers of my electorate.”

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