Health petition gains momentum and key supporters

SENIOR Labor figures have endorsed the local petition calling for increased health services in the Derwent Valley. The Federal Member for Lyons, Brian Mitchell MHR, has assisted with the drafting of the document, and State Opposition Leader Rebecca White MHA has offered to table the completed petition in state parliament.

The two MPs attended last weekend’s public meeting organised by former nurse Bill Dermody who has been campaigning for improved local health services for some years. A similar petition collected about 2000 names last year, but more than half were struck off because of technicalities with the formatting of the document.

Mr Dermody said the State Government seemed to lack an understanding of the issues affecting the provision of medical/health services in the Derwent Valley/Central Highlands communities. He cited the following issues:

  • People waiting 2-6 weeks to see a GP
  • No after-hours medical/health services in the Derwent Valley/Central Highlands communities
  • The high ratio of aged population
  • Increase in population and young families in particular
  • Lack of emergency services at the New Norfolk Hospital
  • Pressure on ambulance services

Public meetings to discuss the health situation and co-ordinate the petition will be held this Saturday, February 20, at 11am and noon at the New Norfolk RSL in Tank St.

PICTURED: Patrick Mulvaney, left, of New Norfolk, Rebecca White MHA, petition organiser Bill Dermody, Brian Mitchell MHR, New Norfolk resident Ryan Soto and Derwent Valley Councillor Paul Belcher after last week’s meeting at the RSL.

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  1. From a community member that ‘no new patients’ was the answer from local doctors since moving here in 2016.

    Having a chronic medical condition I really hate going to the doctor but for my proactive health care I have for the last 3 years travelled to Bellerive to see my GP. Convenient? No. Necessary? Yes.

    Let’s hope this push for better access to a basic right of equal health care eventuates. Thank you to all that are advocating for this.

    The last federal election promised half hour bus timetable from New Norfolk.

    Ho hum! Much better that the same election promised a new rowing clubrooms and facilities and many in the community who catch buses will never use the ‘state of the art’ finished club. A great accomplishment and worthy.

    But please political beasts deliver all promises not just the glossy ones.

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