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Liberals promise another boost for Glenora Rd rehabilitation

A RE-ELECTED Liberal government would allocate further funding to continue the upgrading of Glenora Rd, premier Peter Gutwein said while visiting New Norfolk last week. “The Derwent Valley is an iconic Tassie tourist destination, and a re-elected Gutwein Majority Liberal Government will facilitate the investment of $2 million for upgrades on Glenora Rd – helping our visitors get to Mt Field National Park and many tourist attractions in the region, safer and easier,” Mr Gutwein said.

“If we are re-elected, we will commit $1 million to these important upgrades, with funding sought from both the Australian Government and the local council for the remaining funding of around $1 million,” he said. “It will ensure both locals and visitors alike can have suitable access to the stunning Derwent Valley and its surrounds, further enhancing our reputation as a premium tourism destination, while providing benefits for many local businesses in the region.”

Mr Gutwein said Glenora Rd was a key tourism route providing access to Mt Field National Park and many tourism attractions in the Derwent Valley. “Almost 200,000 people on average visited the national park before the COVID-19 pandemic, and these upgrades will future-proof the vital tourism route for years to come.

“Importantly, this will complete the renewal of the road, following our $2.5 million commitment for previous road upgrades that were completed last year, following a major increase in traffic volume due to the increasing popularity of Mt Field National Park. They will include pavement repairs, completion of the road seal, safety barriers, and other improvements,” he said.

Mr Gutwein said the government was investing in the key services Tasmanians need and deserve. “Our commitment to the Derwent Valley is more confirmation that only a re-elected majority Liberal Government will secure Tasmania’s future, so that everyone can benefit.”

Derwent Valley Council acting mayor Jessica Cosgrove said the funding of this item from the council’s “Advocacy Roadmap” would allow the council to complete the rehabilitation of Glenora Rd. The government has not said whether its $1m commitment is conditional on it being matched by federal and local government.

Pictured: Premier Peter Gutwein, centre, walking alongside Glenora Rd with the six Liberal Party candidates for the seat of Lyons.


  1. So we can only have safe roads if we vote Liberal?
    Stop pork barreling and try actual policies.

    Simon Rolfe,
    New Norfolk

  2. Two years ago at the last election the liberals promised half-hourly bus services from New Norfolk.

    There is no photo opportunities, nothing shiny and new like a new rowing club or a road, or business support in following through with this last election promise of more than basic public transport throughout the valley.

    The Liberals want the council to contribute to their coming election promises to do more to Glenora Road. I object to this. Council should be using its limited funds to improve the failed election promise from the Liberals and improve public transport in the valley.

    Leah Byers,
    New Norfolk

  3. Oh yeah
    Great photo Liberals.
    Oh hang on there is a couple of women in there is there?

    Leah Byers,
    New Norfolk

  4. So, the Liberals have always had money for this. They just decided to hold off until there was a political advantage to doing it. That’s a great way to treat the electorate.
    Remember, this is not the Liberals’ money, it is ours.

    John Davidson,
    New Norfolk

  5. Oh goodie! I will be waiting with bated breath to see the results of this next effort. Just a heads up, if you are serious about keeping our tourists safe, you might like to take a look at the Gordon River Rd, which takes you to National Park. The bit of road heading out of the horseshoe bend towards the sawmill needs work too, parts of it are a bit aahh… shall we say, wrecked from the logging trucks. Do it right and do it once I say.

    Phil Goodwin

  6. I like how their funding boost has led to a decrease of the maximum speed due to crap road conditions.

    Simon Rolfe,
    New Norfolk

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