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THE New Norfolk Eagles have three games against Lindisfarne at Anzac Park today, but their weekend started with a women’s night game yesterday. Scores will be progressively added throughout the day.

Lindisfarne 4.1 8.8 14.12 23.15 (153)
New Norfolk 4.6 5.7 6.8 10.9 (69)

Goals – Lindisfarne: M. Cassidy 4, S. Adams 4, J. Briggs 4, M. Blackburn 3, J. Gleeson 2, M. Hutchinson, K. Rogers, A. Gaul, D. Bailey, D. Reimers, T. Jaynes; New Norfolk: J. Crossin 3, J. Hills 2, T. Ford 2, J. Clifford, B. Wardlaw, N. Eiszele.
Best – Lindisfarne: T. Westbury, S. Smith, A. Gaul, S. Adams, J. Gleeson, J. Briggs; New Norfolk: W. Banks, J. Sokolski, J. Banks-Smith, B. Triffett, J. Hills, T. Bailey.

Lindisfarne 2.2 8.6 10.7 12.10 (82)
New Norfolk 1.2 1.2 1.51 1.7 (13)

Goals – Lindisfarne: O. Rand 3, J. Kent 3, M. Phillips 2, J. Fisher 2, J. Roberts, D. Zantuck; New Norfolk: J. Eiszele, J. Taylor-Evans, A. Minchin, T. Heron, J. Foster, M. Jones.
Best – Lindisfarne: D. Zantuck, A. O’Meara, D. Woodham, J. Roberts, R. Edmondson, O. Rand; New Norfolk: T. Tangata.

Lindisfarne 14.15 (99) d New Norfolk 6.4 (40
Goals – Lindisfarne: D. Blazely 3, B. Jones 2, C. Harris 2, A. Hoggan 2, J. Banks, O. Holdsworth, J. Triffett, J. Rutherford, J. Foster, W. Gaffney; New Norfolk: J. Graham 2, S. Hine, B. Wheeler, J. Triffett, C. Donaghy.
Best – Lindisfarne: J. Foster, C. Harris, A. Hoggan, O. Holdsworth, G. Auchterlonie, B. Jones; New Norfolk: T. Lovell, B. Scanlon, S. Hine, C. Donaghy, B. Wheeler, C. Keleher.

WOMEN – Friday night match at Abbotsfield
Claremont White 3.1 5.2 6.4 8.6 (54)
New Norfolk 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.2 (2
Goals – Claremont: S. Smith 5, E. Abrahams 2, K. Canham.
Best – Claremont: S. Smith, K. Canham, T. Robertson, H. Bowerman, M. Ward, E. Abrahams; New Norfolk: J. Franklin, S. Farrow , D. Clifford, T. Tangata, J. Skelly, N. Bearman.

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