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Yesterday’s scores from Boyer Oval

Hutchins 3.4 8.8 9.14 10.16 (76)
New Norfolk 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 (0)
Best – Hutchins:
G. Crawford, M. Purdon, G. Morris, G. Abel, M. Blackman, K. Hughes ; New Norfolk: T. Walker, S. Farrow , J. Franklin, D. Clifford, T. Tangata, M. Temple.
Goals – Hutchins: G. Abel 4, D. Murphy 2, S. Rule, M. Steyn, A. Cochrane, G. Crawford.

Huonville 4.4 6.8 10.13 13.21 (99)
New Norfolk 0.1 1.4 1.40 3.4 (22)
Best – Huonville:
S. Voss, J. Thorpe, C. Lovell, J. Bain, F. Johns, J. Richards; New Norfolk: T. Lovell, M. Hay, C. Keleher, C. Knight, H. Burns, J. George.
Goals – New Norfolk: J. George, B. Scanlon, T. Scanlon; Huonville: J. Bain 5, S. Voss 2, T. Hickey, J. Richards, W. Quarrier, S. Hopkins , C. Lovell, G. Stevenson.

New Norfolk 1.1 3.5 5.6 9.9 (63)
Huonville 4.1 5.1 7.5 8.7 (55)
Best – New Norfolk:
J. Eiszele, T. Tangata, J. Hills, A. Minchin, W. Burgess, L. Browning; New Norfolk: P. Wilcox, A. Golding, N. Mommers, B. Page, J. Stanway, D. Crouch.
Goals – New Norfolk: W. Burgess 4, T. Heron, J. King, A. Minchin, B. King, C. Morgan; Huonville: C. Stockfeld 4, B. Guy 2, A. Golding, B. Page.

Huonville 2.3 4.7 9.13 14.16 (100)
New Norfolk 1.2 3.5 6.6 8.8 (56)
Best – Huonville:
B. Jones, J. McIndoe, J. Philp, C. Johns, D. Golding, R. Ward; New Norfolk: R. Heron, B. Wardlaw, B. Lovell, B. Triffett, J. Crossin, J. Sokolski.
Goals – Huonville: B. Jones 4, A. Grubb 3, R. Douglas 2, B. Roberts, J. Philp, L. Ward, M. Walker, J. McIndoe; New Norfolk: J. Crossin 3, J. Clifford 2, B. Wardlaw, J. Van lierop, B. Lovell.

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