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New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch – September community update

YEAR IN REVIEW: CONSIDERING the COVID-19 restrictions which have been in place over the past year, New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch has still been able to achieve all the aims and objectives we set ourselves in 2019 by remaining focused and continuing to investigate local issues. We have continued to share information via both printed and social media, achieving more than 1400 followers on our NNNW Facebook page.

The Connecting Derwent Valley e-hub website continues to support community connection by bringing together groups in the Valley and issuing information regarding upcoming events. During these pandemic times when physical distancing is encouraged, we have distributed topical, relevant, local news and regular police crime reports, which are very well-received.

We have attempted to appeal to all age groups as far as possible, using printed media widely for those unable to access social media. We have maintained connections with partners as much as possible, such as Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania, who remain very supportive, the Derwent Valley Council, and we are happy to have joined the New Norfolk and Derwent Valley News team. We also thank Tyga-FM community radio for its ongoing support in playing our ads on a regular basis. In a joint venture with the Derwent Valley Council, we were able to deliver the impressive Streetsmart Handbook to local Year 10-12 students.

We successfully launched the Connecting Derwent Valley e-hub website in October 2020 – the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work – and we held an online poll in order to investigate the community’s perceptions of personal safety.

CRIME TRENDS: THE extensive July Crime Report struck a chord with many. The full report can be accessed at: We also have an interesting article on our webpage about the trends in the types and numbers of crimes committed over the past few years in Tasmania, with local crime statistics and clear-up rates.

CRIME PREVENTION TIP: A COMMON way for burglars to check and see whether a house is occupied is by knocking on the door. If someone answers the door, a burglar may claim to be looking for someone, a lost pet, directions, or a glass of water etc. If you become aware of any suspicious door-knocking in your neighbourhood, contact the police on 131 444 or you can report anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 00 or online at

STAY INFORMED: ON our Connecting Derwent Valley e-hub, you can check out the links to local businesses, places to visit, and groups you might like to join at: We also publish monthly crime report information in consultation with Tasmania Police. This and further information can be found on our website at

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