New Norfolk golf results – September 22-October 2

Sat 2/10/2021 Petrusma Monthly Medal Stroke – A Grade gross: L. Post 70, A. Lowe 73, L. Griffith 74; Nett: G. Hack 76-10-66 c/b, B. Watt 74-8-66, J. Hall 75-7-68 c/b; B Grade gross: J. Stevenson 83, D. Armstrong 84, D. Hack 86; Nett: B. Hall 87-18-69, G. Hayden 87-17-70, T. Jenkins 89-18-71; C Grade gross: D. Lowry 90, D. Giles 96 c/b, T. Banks 96; Nett: W. Hodge 92-23-69, J. Cox 93-21-72, A. Bewley 97-23-74; NTP: 3rd A. Lowe, 6/15th J. Rainbird, 8/17th A. Watts 11th J. Miller; Superpin: J. Rainbird; Eagle on 16: R. Hodge; October Monthly Medal winner: G. Hack 76-10-66.

Wednesday 29/9/2021 Stroke – 18 hole D. Watts 84-19-65, M. Wardlaw 83-16-67, P. Wilton 80-12-68, D. Armstrong 82-13-69 c/b, K. Clark 91-22-68-9; Birdie draw: J. Rainbird; 9 hole: D. Armstrong 40-6½-33½ c/b, D. Watts 43-9½- 33½, L. McKenzie 40-6-34 c/b, M. Wardlaw 42-8-34, P. Wilton 41-6-35; Birdie draw: J. Hastie.

Sat 25/9/2021 4 man Ambrose – Gross: D. Stevenson-W. Coleman-W. Harris- J. Hall 57, J. Wessing-L. Wardlaw- D. Williams- D. Giles 60, M. Tangata- B. Watts- B. Coy- J. Triffitt 64; Nett: L. Post-T. Shadbolt-M. Parker J. Parker 58- 7 3/8- 50 5/8, G. Smith-A. Smith-M. Males 60-60⅔ -53⅓, R. Hodge- D. Vagg- J. Cox 65-9⅙-55⅚; NTP: 3rd L. Heron, 6/15th W. Coleman, 11TH R. Hodge, 8/17th W. Harris; Superpin: W. Harriss.

Wednesday 22/9/2021 Stableford – 18 hole: L. Griffith 40, D. Lowry 37, C. Youd 36 c/b, J. Miller 36 c/b, K. Metcalfe 35; Birdie draw: P. Foster; 9 hole: C. Youd 20, L. McKenzie 19 c/b, W. Hodge 19 c/b, L. Griffith 19 c/b, J. Miller 19; Birdie draw: K. Metcalfe.

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