Fireworks light up the night

GLEN Derwent has put on its annual fireworks display as part of a Cracker Night event at the historic New Norfolk home. Fire pots and a giant bonfire kept the paying guests warm, and food an entertainment was provided.

For the wider town, a fireworks show lit up the night sky for about 10 minutes starting just after 7pm. Smaller bonfires and fireworks displays illuminated isolated sections of the sky around New Norfolk before and after the Glen Derwent event, as people stage their own Cracker Night celebrations around the town and district.

Permits were issued for dozens of fireworks displays throughout the Derwent Valley, including four at Collinsvale, four at Dromedary, four at Ellendale, one at Fentonbury, two at Glenfern, one at Glenora, two at Granton, three at Gretna, four at Hamilton, two at Hayes, seven at Lachlan, three at Magra, five at Molesworth, one at Moogara, one at Mt Lloyd, three at New Norfolk, four at Ouse, one at Rosegarland, one at Uxbridge and one at Wayatinah.


  1. looks lovely; it would be nice if you’d tell us about events like this BEFORE they happen, so we can participate..

    1. Hi Edna, we certainly do that and I’d encourage you to check out our fortnightly newspaper which contains this information. The cracker night event was listed on page 6 of our most recent issue.
      Cheers, Damian

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