Magpies snatch victory from the Eagles

Senior Report by Wayne Walker

CLAREMONT snatched victory in the latter stages of the final quarter over the Eagles at Boyer Oval on Saturday. A four-goal last term set up the win as the Magpies went on to record a 10-point victory in what was a tight contest between two clubs who have both struggled throughout season 2022.

New Norfolk led at every change, but the Magpies had more run in their legs in the last term and found targets up forward with Magpie veteran Clinton Curtain bagging six goals for the game with two of those in the final stages. The Eagles promoted three players from the Reserves squad. Big man Brayden Drake was included for ruck duties, Kyle Walker was included for pace on the wing and Ethan Holden was included for pace off half-back.

Key matchups early in the contest saw Eagle onballers Brock Triffett, Jake Bearman and Will Banks tee off against Magpies Martyn Allison, Jack Adams, and Jake Williams. Claremont defender Bayley Bester had the task on Eagle forward Ben Lovell, while Matthew Siely picked up Rohan Heron who was deep forward for the Eagles. The ruck duel had Brayden Drake square off against Magpie Richard Hanley and young Eagle Zayden Kelly picked up Magpie key forward Jack Crossin.

The Eagles clearly won the first term and opened up with Ben Lovell taking a strong grab and kicking truly for the home side’s first major. Moments later young Eagle Zayden Kelly moved forward and snatched the footy in heavy traffic and booted the Eagles’ second. The Magpies had some early opportunities in front of goal, but both resulted in minor scores to Jack Crossin and Clint Curtain. The Eagles were handling the footy better than the Magpies and looking dangerous when entering their forward 50, finding each other on the lead and in space.

Eagle captain Josh Farrow gathered the footy running from half-back and speared a long drop punt deep into the forward line. As the Magpies tried to rebound, Rohan Heron applied a great tackle and was rewarded with a free kick to boot the Eagles’ third goal. The Eagles pushed forward once again finding Lovell, who was creating problems for the Magpie defence, to kick the Eagles’ fourth for the term. The Magpies answered with a late goal to get on the scoreboard (which was out of operation and scores needed to be conveyed over the PA system for the day). Quarter-time scores were Eagles 4.3 (27) to the Magpies 1.3 (9).

Talented young Eagle Brayden Butler executed a great short pass to Heron who marked and kicked his second goal to start the second term to give the Eagles a 24-point lead. The Magpies hit back half-way through the term led by onballer Allison, and Lucas Green on a wing. Along with Adams and Jake Harris they opened up more scoring opportunities with a string of goals to Adams, Harris, Curtain, and Williams to give the visitors a 1-point lead at the 20-minute mark. Heron found the ever-reliable hands of Lovell once again as he steered through his third to give the Eagles a slim seven-point margin at the main break: Eagles 6.6 (42) to Magpies 5.5 (35).

The story of the third term was missed opportunities in front of goal from both sides. Magpie forward Crossin moved to half-back taking some intercept marks and holding up some of the Eagle forward entries. Magpie Curtain booted a goal early in the quarter while the only goal for the home side came from Cody Neads who sharked the footy low to the ground. Claremont defender Bester moved forward and snagged a goal late in the term which set the scene for an exciting last quarter. Three-quarter time scores: Eagles 7.10 (52) to Magpies 7.6 (48).

It became a real arm-wrestle in the last term as the lead changed hands five times until the Magpies edged ahead to win by 10 points. Veteran Magpie (and former New Norfolk player) Curtain booted four goals for the term while Lovell kicked two for the Eagles in a great game where he scored five majors and displayed his strong overhead marking which is a real feature.

Will Banks continues to play a major role with his hard running style of play breaking the lines with his explosive pace and skill. Jake Bearman played a solid four quarters and Bailey Chaplin shows skill and class for such a young player. Kelly shows a real presence and is developing into a great prospect. Tyron Bailey has been most consistent throughout the season and captain Farrow led from the front, as always, playing a solid game on the backline.

In his post-match address, Eagle coach Matthew Smith took his players through some key moments in the game, pointing out some errors but dwelling more on the positives, particularly by some of his younger players.
He pointed out their willingness to learn and their desire to improve. It will be an interesting look next season for the Eagles if the likes of Triffett, Butler, Higgins, Kelly, Banks, Hay, Goodsell, Bailey Chaplin and Fisher-Cooley, among others, stick together and put in a big pre-season. Along with some astute recruiting, it will be interesting to see what they bring to the next chapter of the NNDFC.

The Eagles’ next assignment will be a big challenge as they travel to Huonville on Saturday to do battle with the Lions in what will be milestone games for Eagle veterans Rohan Heron (250 senior games) and Ben Lovell (200 senior games).

Senior Men – Final Scores
Claremont 11. 8 (74)
New Norfolk 9. 10 (64)
Best – New Norfolk:
B. Lovell, J. Bearman, T. Bailey, Z. Kelly, B. Chaplin, W. Banks; Claremont: J. Adams, C. Curtain, L. Green, R. Hanley, J. Harris, J. Crossin.
Goals – New Norfolk: B. Lovell 5, R. Heron 2, C. Neads, Z. Kelly; Claremont: C. Curtain 6, J. Harris 2, J. Adams, B. Bester, B. Fewkes.

Senior Women’s Report by Chris Lovell

NEW Norfolk was supposed to be back on home turf last Saturday following a strong win against the South-East Suns. Unfortunately, Claremont had to forfeit the game as they were unable to field a team due to illness. The lady Eagles retain top spot on the SFLW Division 3 ladder, four points clear of second placed Brighton. They travel to the New Town Bike Track Oval on Saturday to play St Virgil’s in another tough game.

Reserves Report by Wayne Walker

THE Eagle Reserves were too slick for the Claremont Magpies on the big Boyer Oval last Saturday. New Norfolk maintained control for most of the contest, winning the footy from the centre bounce area and around the ground.
The Eagles were well on top in defence led by Luke Browning and Brett Hodge at full back, who is having a great season. They were well supported by the close-checking Corey Keleher and Luke Crosswell.

The home side also dominated in the engine room with Jake Foster, Andrew Minchin, and Jordan Eiszele a formidable trio gaining many possessions and driving the Eagles into attack numerous times. New Norfolk started well with a goal from sharpshooter Zac Wheeler, who rarely misses, followed by a great goal on the run from Jye Graham. Jordan Eiszele took a gutsy mark running front-on into a pack of players and then converted for another goal as the Eagles took an early 16-point lead at quarter time: 3.4 (22) to 1.0 (6).

The Magpies lifted their intensity in the second term, gaining some momentum with the footy but could not convert due to the pressure supplied from the Eagle defence. Goals to Corey Ransley and another to Wheeler extended the Eagles lead to 32 points at the main break: 5.8 (38) to 1.0 (6).

The home side continued to control the game in the third quarter adding another three goals for the term while Claremont could only manage one behind. The Magpies played their best footy in the last term, outscoring the
Eagles three goals to one, but it was all over as the Eagles ran out comfortable 38-point winners.

The Eagles’ best were Corey Ransley who was strong up forward and around the contests; Tyler Purdon consistently shows his class; Jake Foster was busy over four quarters; and Luke Browning controlled everything across half back along with Brett Hodge. Zac Wheeler was dangerous up forward.

A special mention to the four Colts boys who stepped up to play in the Reserves win after playing in the Colts
game. Jude Holbrook, Hayden Burns, Jye Graham and Tye Oakley took on the challenge and all chipped in for the win. The Eagles will need everyone fit and firing on Saturday as they face off against a tougher opponent in the
Huonville Lions as they march to grab a finals spot. It should be a great contest at Huonville.

Reserves – Final Scores
New Norfolk 9.13 (67)
Claremont 4.5 (29)
Best – New Norfolk:
C. Ransley, T. Purdon, Z. Wheeler, L. Browning, J. Foster, J. Holbrook; Claremont: R. Conway, J. Masters, J. Del Carmen, M. Stocks, B. Kaye, J. McCulloch.
Goals – New Norfolk: C. Ransley 2, Z. Wheeler 2, J. Eiszele, T. Lovell, T. Purdon, J. Graham, T. Oakley; Claremont: S. Bennett 2, T. Rainbird, J. Harris.

Colts Report by Chris Lovell

FOLLOWING a 51-point loss to Lindisfarne a fortnight ago, the Eagles were at home on the big Boyer Oval to Dodges Ferry last Saturday. The teams were evenly matched early, with both sides trying to gain the upper hand.

The young Eagles took a 20-point lead into the first break and got on top in the second quarter, but inaccuracy saw them miss many scoring opportunities. Half-time scores were New Norfolk 6.10 (46) to Dodges Ferry 3. 2 (20). The third quarter was a tussle as Dodges Ferry tried hard against the Eagle outfit which was starting to encounter injuries to key players. Scores were evenly spread for the quarter. an inaccurate and undermanned Eagle outfit ran the game out strongly to score three goals and seven behinds while holding Dodges Ferry to one goal and a point in the final quarter.

It was a great effort by the young Eagles as they suffered game ending injuries to Bailey Wheeler, Beau Kline, Lachlan Blackwell, Cayden Triffitt and Riley Triffett during the course of the game. Jack Miller also failed to complete the game as he was green-carded in the last quarter.

The young Eagles were well-served by Hayden Burns, Jamie Devine, Harry Sillifant, Tyler Benson, Jude Holbrook, and Brodie Scanlon. The team sits two points behind Brighton on the SFL ladder in fifth position. The Colts roster will have a final four so the boys will need to keep winning to keep their finals aspirations alive, They travel to Huonville on Saturday to play second-placed Huonville in a must-win match.

Colts – Final Scores
New Norfolk 10.21 (81)
Dodges Ferry 5.5 (35)
Best – New Norfolk:
H. Burns, J. Devine, H. Sillifant, T. Benson, J. Holbrook, B. Scanlon; Dodges Ferry: D. McPherson, D. Brunskill, J. Burns, K. Howlett, B. Bonnitcha.
Goals – New Norfolk: J. Miller 3, J. Devine 2, B. Scanlon, T. Triffett, J. Graham, H. Burns, T. Scanlon; Dodges Ferry: B. Bonnitcha 2, K. Howlett, S. McGuire, D. Brunskill.

  • Next Games – Saturday, July 16
  • Women v St Virgil’s at New Town Bike Track Oval at 9.30am
  • Colts v Huonville at Huonville Oval at 10am
  • Reserves v Huonville at Huonville Oval at noon
  • Seniors v Huonville at Huonville Oval at 2pm

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