Short-lived protest makes a point

“UNTIDY TOWN 2022” was the message on a short-lived addition to the New Norfolk sign at the outskirts of town last night. Making is appearance at the Hobart Rd entry late on Wednesday night, the sign was gone this morning. It had covered-up the other sign declaring New Norfolk Tasmania’s top tourism town for 2021, while 10 years ago we were named Tasmania’s Tidiest Town in the 5000-15,000 population category.

Sharing a photo of the protest message with New Norfolk and Derwent Valley News, a reader said they were ashamed by the state of the town today. “It’s trying to bring to light the amount of litter strewn about nearly all of New Norfolk’s streets and ignored by council,” they said. “The broken glass on footpaths from anti-social behaviour only kicked from the path by the next passer-by, never cleaned up.

“There’s road metal from road resealing still scattered on footpaths after five years, never attempted to clean up. Road deformation in Benjamin Terrace near the roundabout deteriorating further, left for over five months. Grass thriving outside [in High St] in the pavers. I could go on – it makes me ashamed.”


  1. You are not alone. Council seems to have lost sight of fixing the little things that matter to residents. Bring on the election and lets get people who can get these things fixed!

  2. Council, like all forms of government, loves the big ticket items that win or lose elections, and liveability and ratepayer-friendliness don’t rate. Look at The Mills project: who chose Gray as the New Norfolk entry theme colour? Who cares, we’ve got 500 new homes – shut up and plant ratepayer funded trees!
    When I came to New Norfolk Boyer actually subsidised our (employee) rent and arranged the regular repainting of the houses. With a choice of colour!
    Once we accept grey grey grey we acquire a soviet style acceptance of the second rate, the almost and the not quite, we can live with litter/broken edges etc.
    How many gold medals did we get at the Games, what’s the unemployment rate – what? We may be living in the gutter and looking at the stars, but can’t we at least organise to sweep the bloody gutter?

  3. Hi Peter, I say bring on amalgamations with brighton. I often walk my dog down Back River Road and on to High Street. I have to dodge the rubbish and ensure that my dog does not walk on the side of the path which has an enormous amount of glass shards near the school boundary. I have spoken to two council members about this.

  4. I have to commend council workers for recently cleaning up the abundant litter along Molesworth Road (particularly prior to the Malbina cemetery) and am totally ashamed of my fellow beings for the blatant re-littering of same but a few days later. It really is about time prosecutions took place. Time for the installation of cameras in many many places methinks!

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