VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Lachlan River flooding

Video: The Lachlan River in flood at New Norfolk on August 14, 2022.

SPORTS clubs are dismayed by the latest flooding of the Tynwald Park sportsground, which is likely to leave the venue closed for several days right when junior football at the ground is winding down and cricket is getting ready to take over for summer.

Today’s flooding follows heavy overnight rain and is only three months since the last flooding event. Old-timers recall that the sportsground was once a hopfield – located by the river because of the high quality soil caused by flooding – and that occasional inundation is not unusual. Others see it as a sign of global warming, and people of both views have called for preventative measures to be carried out by the council.

The severe weather warning for the Upper Derwent Valley and other areas has been cancelled but a flood watch remains in place, along with a warning to sheep graziers for tonight. Bureau of Meteorology rainfall observations for the 24 hours up to 9am today indicate the main cause of today’s flooding around the Lachlan River. While the rainfall stations around New Norfolk, Moogara and Mt Lloyd, Gretna and Dromedary ranged between 14 and 24mm for the 24 hours, at Lachlan it was 60mm and on Mt Wellington it was 109mm.

Readers wishing to share their own photos from today’s flooding around the Derwent Valley are welcome to email them to or text to 0417 387 577.

The flooded Lachlan River at New Norfolk, looking east from Hobart Rd.
The flooded Lachlan River at New Norfolk, below Corumbene Care.
Great weather for ducks, once again.
The flooded Lachlan River at New Norfolk, along the Bicentennial Walking Track.
The flooded Lachlan River at New Norfolk, looking east from Turriff Lodge
The flooded Lachlan River spilled over onto the Tynwald Park sportsgrounds.
The water flooding New Norfolk spilled back into the Lachlan River near the footbridge to the wetlands.
Ducks swimming on the Tynwald Park football ground.
Water pouring on to the Tynwald Park football ground from another breach in the Lachlan River.
Water flooding past the Tynwald Park football ground on the southern side.
A temporary watercourse in the middle of Tynwald Park.
A large limb fell from a tree at Arthur Square in central New Norfolk.
The limb that fell at Arthur Square, New Norfolk.
The water view from the new pavilion at Tynwald Park. Photo: Shane Tassell
The flooded Tynwald Park football ground and surrounds. Picture: Shane Tassell
Water surrounded the never-completed soundshell at Tynwald Park, which now seems to be a makeshift grandstand. Picture: Kaye Bush
The Tynwald Park football ground looked more like a lake earlier in the day. Picture: Kaye Bush

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  1. Of course a simple levee on the Tynwald side of the Lachlan River would solve the situation. I continue to be amazed at the lack of lessons learned from historical events. Ah well, it’s only ratepayers hard-earned dollars!

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