Candidate statement: Phillip Bingley

THE most-recently elected member of the Derwent Valley Council has today announced that he is nominating for re-election as a councillor in next month’s local government elections. Elected on a recount in March, Phillip Bingley has a long background in local government and said he would also be contesting the position of mayor.

“I am nominating for the upcoming Derwent Valley Council election in October for re-election as a councillor and also nominating for the position of mayor,” Cr Bingley told New Norfolk and Derwent Valley News.

“Having had a 39-year local government career and having been elected a councillor in March, I want, if elected a councillor and mayor, to bring some old fashioned ‘common sense’ to council by advocating with my fellow councillors that the council should focus on its core responsibilities of properly maintaining and improving our roads, streets, footpaths, parks and gardens, sports grounds and public facilities to the best possible standard without excessive rate increases and spending less on unnecessary council bureaucracy,” he said.

High St: Phil says sights such as this harm our image with locals and visitors alike
Saddle Rd: Phil says he hates seeing neglected council roads.

“Over the last six months since being elected to council I have recommended the following motions to my fellow councillors:

  1. That council provides a free annual “Hard Waste” collection service. – to help lessen the occurence of illegal waste disposal on roadsides and bushland – Motion carried 6-1;
  2. That council investigates the installation of solar panels on the Council Chambers, Memorial Hall and Council Depot roofs – to help reduce council’s electricity costs – Motion carried 6-1;
  3. That an award nomination for Maydena be considered by the economic and tourism body for a 2023 tourism award – to help promote Maydena as a tourism destination – Motion carried 6-1;
  4. That council supply informative self-adhesive stickers for residents’ recycling wheelie bins – to help inform residents on the correct materials that should be placed in their recycling wheelie bin – Motion lost 1-6;
  5. That council increases its combined Rates, Charges and Levy’s by no more than 2.1% for the 2022/23 financial year – to help shield our community against the rising costs of living, particularly pensioners and families – Motion lost 2-5;
  6. That council establish a “Visitor Information Centre Committee” (VIC) to investigate the re-establishment of a volunteer-based seven days a week VIC – Motion lost;
  7. That council bring the whole of Sharland Ave up to a uniform standard that includes: Sealed road surface, kerb and channel, appropriate stormwater system, footpath – Motion carried 7-0;
  8. That council includes in its proposed “Waste Management Policy” annual allocations to fund removal of roadside litter and to educate the community about roadside littering – Motion carried 5-2;
  9. That council advocates with the Education Minister that the opening hours of the New Norfolk Library be extended for a trial period to allow greater access by residents – Motion carried 8-0.

NOTE TO READERS: Readers’ comments on the council elections are welcome. For publication, all comments must include the name and locality of the writer, for example “Damian Bester, New Norfolk.”

FROM THE EDITOR: All intending candidates for election to the Derwent Valley or Central Highlands councils are invited to submit statements for publication on this website as well as in the print edition of New Norfolk and Derwent Valley NewsContact the editor for details.

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