Public meeting to discuss Maydena rates rise

MAYORAL candidate Peter Binny will address a public meeting at Maydena this Friday evening to discuss the increased cost of council rates on residential properties in the town.

In July Mr Binny warned the council that it appeared the rates in Maydena would go up by 48.5% rather than the 9% stated by the Derwent Valley Council. Evidence is now suggesting the town’s ratepayers have seen their bills go up by $400.

Maydena resident Bert Lawatsch has told New Norfolk and Derwent Valley News that the council rates on his house have increased by 50% in two years. “I know people on low incomes and Centrelink allowances, like myself, who are expected to come up with this extra money, along with all the other bills that have gone up. They are as shocked as myself about their rates bill,” he said.

“The council argues that house prices have gone up, but this doesn’t mean it is fair to increase people’s rates. I am not renting my house out nor selling it, just living in it, so increased house values are irrelevant to me,” Mr Lawatsch said.

At the July council meeting, Mr Binny said he had analysed the council’s budget and found that the rates on residential properties at Maydena would go up by much more than the 9% stated for the whole municipality. “I apologise in advance if I’m wrong, but my analysis is that rates in Maydena will go up by 48.5%,” Mr Binny said. The council has not told Mr Binny he was wrong, and evidence from Maydena property owners so far suggests he was right.

During councillor question time at the end of the August meeting, Cr Phillip Bingley said council rates in Maydena had gone up by about 50%. “The Maydena residents are paying now $1200,” Cr Bingley said. “It has gone up 50% – we’re talking about a rate increase of some $400,” he said.

Cr Bingley asked mayor Michelle Dracoulis if she had been told, prior to the council’s budget meeting, that there was a likelihood that the rates at Maydena were going to jump by 48%. Cr Dracoulis said she had not been advised about that, but she was told there were properties across the municipality that would be affected similarly.

“It has been a significant impost to a lot of people, I agree with that, but we had a number of budget meetings on this item and then the financial advisers were available for any councilor to speak to before it went to the vote, so we all had the same information and it was good information,” she said. Cr Bingley said he was at those meetings and the specific impact on Maydena had never been flagged.

Cr Dracoulis said Maydena rates were higher because their values had gone up more quickly. “That has been based on sales in the area and that’s unfortunately how it works. Everybody’s properties are now worth more as well, so that’s something to note.”

  • A public meeting will be held at the Maydena RSL Club at 6pm on Friday, September 16, to discuss the significant general rate rise in the town. The speaker, Peter Binny, is a candidate for mayor and councillor in next month’s Derwent Valley Council election.


  1. Could Mr Binny please outline what the rate increases were on Maydena properties in 2020 and 2021?
    Anne Salt,
    New Norfolk

  2. Rate increases for Maydena in the past have been the same as the remainder of the DVC area.
    Last year that was 3%
    This year is the first time Maydena has been given different Adjustment Factors for Assessed Annual Value and they are substantially higher than the remainder of the DVC area.
    Peter Binny,

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