Junior Redcaps Report – Week 1

THE junior cricket season is back and so is my report. Both of the New Norfolk junior team faced some old teammates/friends as they played Gretna at Gretna on Saturday. Despite the terrible weather, the games went ahead as planned and we had some awesome individual moments.

We had Jack Dance, Ronan Hunt, Benton Gray and Gabe Bannister making their cricketing debuts and we had Kobe and Ruben Strong making returns to cricket. We had Jude Bannister, Angus Fraser and Haiden Smith experiencing their first game as captain and we had a number of players improve on their form from last season.

Without further ado, here’s the first edition of the Junior Redcaps Report for season 2022-23.

The New Norfolk Under 13 cricket team at Gretna.

🏏New Norfolk Under-13s v Gretna at Gretna: New Norfolk bowled first. Angus Fraser: 2-16 off 4 with 1 maiden; Jack Neads: 1-3 off 3 with 1 maiden; Roo Topping: 1-7 off 3 overs. Judah Topping (0-1 off 2 with a maiden) opened the bowling for his side and was sensational, bowling extremely tight and giving Gretna no room for mistake. His line and length got his side off to a great start. Hamish Fraser (0-2 off 3 with a maiden) continued Judah’s pressure by having the ball on a string, ensuring New Norfolk stayed on top. His brother Angus went bang, bang, taking a couple of wickets in the space of two balls, getting his side up and about and leading from the front in the process. Bobby Nossiter (0-4 off 3) was asked to play to help the team get the basics right and his bowling showed them what line and length can do. Fresh off his senior debut, Bobby’s experience will really help the team for the rest of the season. Roo Topping (1-7 off 3) and Jack Neads (1-3 off 3 with a maiden) both showed their knowledge of the game and picked up a wicket, stopping momentum Gretna were starting to gain. Both boys were at their accurate best and will be brilliant players for the Under 13s this season. Despite not picking up a wicket, Gabe Bannister (0-10 off 3), Jack Dance (0-16 off 2) and Benton Gray (0-14 off 2) all showed glimpses of their skills and showed that they belong at this level. Jack Dance picked up a runout, showing his cricketing knowledge despite his age and proving that his Master Blaster skills last season were no fluke. Gretna finished on 5-89 off 30 overs.

Batting, Jude Bannister made 29* off 35 balls; Jack Neads: 23* off 35 balls; Judah Topping: 13* off 10 balls. Jude and Jack attacked from the word go, finding gaps all over Gretna in a dominate display for both boys. Jude smacked four 4s and a 6 and Jack smacked three 4s in an awesome display of opening batting. The boys put on a really good partnership and have showed some great early season form. Coming in at number three, Bobby (9 off 6) wasn’t mucking around and hit a couple of early boundaries before falling to some good bowling by James. At the end of the innings, Judah Topping finished not out and reached double figures, hitting a 4 in the process and showcasing what he’s been working on at training. He and Angus Fraser (5* off 7) worked well together to get New Norfolk over the line in a terrific display.

New Norfolk finished on 1-92 off 15 overs, giving them the win.

WOW. The boys have worked extremely hard at training and the vibes around the club have been very positive but even this was unexpected. They were up and about from the word go and it’s a credit to them for maintaining the pressure right from the word go. Every player did something they should be proud of and I had multiple people at the ground saying they played as a team from the first ball and that’s awesome for the club to hear. A special mention must go to Bobby Nossiter, who showed great sportsmanship towards both sides and received a mention from Gretna JDO Wade. Hopefully this is the first of many wins this season but even if we don’t win, hopefully the vibe around the club remains positive and the boys continue to improve as the season progresses.

The New Norfolk Under 15 cricket team at Gretna.

🏏New Norfolk Under 15s v Gretna at Gretna: New Norfolk batted first. Tyson Smith: 66 off 66 balls; Bobby Nossiter: 47 off 59 balls; Haiden Smith: 19 off 17 balls; Logan Hunt: 11 off 2 balls. Zayne Field (8 off 17) opened the batting and was looking very solid before getting run out. He hit a 4 and was solid in defence and will be an asset for his team this season. He opened with Logan Hunt who scored 11 and hit a nice 6 to get his side up and about. Filling in for the Under 15s, Logan’s leadership was extremely valuable and helped them understand the basics of the game and got them prepared for the second innings. Tyson Smith batted at number three and went nuts, hitting 66 off 66 balls. He scored six 4s and three 6s and used a combination of attack and defence to showcase an array of shots. His scoring allowed for his teammates to bat more freely and was the ultimate innings builder. Haiden Smith scored 19 off 17 balls, hitting two 4s and a 6. He was in attacking mode and didn’t want Tyson to have all the fun, working hard to keep the runs flowing. Bobby Nossiter, fresh off an Under-13s cameo, smacked five 4s on his way to 47. His defence was as solid as a rock and he was hard to bowl to, timing the ball to perfection. Oliver Rhodes (9 off 31) batted well at the end of the innings and Kobe Strong (2* off 18) helped get New Norfolk to a brilliant score. New Norfolk finished on 8-227.

With the ball, Tyson Smith took 5-35 off 4; Haiden Smith: 1-2 off 2; Ronan Hunt: 1-2 off 0.5; Zayne Field: 1-12 off 3. Opening the bowling, Tyson Smith was tantalising and bowled extremely well. He picked up wickets in quick succession and finished with a 5fa, the first for the New Norfolk Redcaps season. He was extremely accurate and a lot of his wickets were due to clean bowling the opposition, which got his teammates up and about. He had a day out and one that will be remembered for a long time. Zayne Field opened with Tyson and snagged a wicket, bowling with his usual “ball on a string” accuracy. His bowling put the pressure on Gretna and made them work for their runs. Haiden Smith bowled next and kept up the pressure, going for one run an over and picking up a wicket in the process. He capped off a solid first game as captain and led from the front. Ruben Strong (0-6 off 2), Kobe Strong (0-9 off 2) and Oliver Rhodes (0-8 off 2) all bowled well at the end of the innings and kept the pressure on from the word go. All three didn’t stop working hard and should be proud of their efforts. Finally, Ronan Hunt picked up the first wicket of his cricketing career, finishing off the innings for his team and giving them a comprehensive win.

Gretna finished on 8-75, giving New Norfolk the win. What a day for New Norfolk! The boys were dominant from the word go, playing as a team and doing the basics. The boys showed a tremendous amount of sportsmanship and should be proud of their efforts. The Under 15s proved during the game that the hard work they’ve been doing has been paying off and it’s great to see their coach Adam start off his coaching career with a win (and his son Tyson absolutely dominant).

🏏REMARKABLE REDCAPS: This is where I’ll put the top 10 individual moments from the season. As we’ve only played one game, this week will be a top five.

Tyson Smith: 66 and 5-35 off 4 in U15s in Round 1. Bobby Nossiter: 47 in U15s in Round 1. Jack Neads: 1-3 off 3 and 23* in U13s in Round 1. Jude Bannister: 29* and 0-16 off 4 in U13s in Round 1. Angus Fraser: 2-16 off 4 and 5* in U13s in Round 1.

🏏🏏🏏 That’s it from me this week. We’ve been training the lights out at training so let’s keep up the good work and take momentum out of this weekend. Until next time, cheers and GO REDCAPS!


EDITOR’S NOTE: All Derwent Valley/Central Highlands cricket teams are welcome to send reports for publication at newnorfolknews.com. Email reports and photos to damian@newnorfolknews.com

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