Derwent Valley and Highlands cricket results – Week 11

WEEK 11 cricket results – December 16-20: With Christmas being just around the corner all Derwent Valley teams after the week of wet weather were hoping for a dry weekend to get one last game in before Christmas and to see how they were positioned on their respective ladders at the Christmas break. These are listed at the end of each game report below.

1st Grade one-day format – Round 11 (17/12/22):
Saturday saw the Redcaps 1 team play at Cadbury’s Oval against St Anne’s. The Redcaps’ bowling and fielding first restricted St Anne’s to 94 runs, bowling them all out in the 28th over. It took just 21 overs for the Redcaps to seal the win. Batting: H. Booth 24 from 33, R. Heron 24 from 43; Bowling: T. Briscoe 4 for 20 from 6.5 overs, J. Lester 3 for 26 from 6. Ladder position after round 11: 1st out of 9 (6 wins, 1 loss).
3rd Grade – Round 7 (17/12/22): The 2nd Redcaps team hosted Bothwell at Tynwald on Saturday. Batting first, the Redcaps put on 210 being all out in the 49th over. Stewart Rice managed yet another half-century, bringing up the 50 with three 6s in a row, with Aaron Drew also scoring a half-century. The Redcaps however didn’t stand a chance when Josh Eyles from Bothwell put on a batting show scoring 126 in just 44 balls with 13 sixes to finish not out, giving Bothwell an easy win in the 24th over. Batting: A. Drew 58 from 55, S. Rice 52 from 40. Bowling: S. Rice 3 for 37 from 8. Ladder position after round 7: 4th out of 8 (4 wins, 3 losses)
7th grade – Round 7 (18/12/22): The Redcaps 3 team played Derwent at Wentworth Park on Sunday. Derwent batted first and the Redcaps had the pressure on in the field and with the ball, restricting Derwent to 7/120. Young players Cale Browning and Liam Maw bowled economical overs, finishing with three wickets between them. In response and chasing a win, the Redcaps batted well and welcomed back Steve Sillifant from Glenorchy who knocked up a half-century as opener and finished not out, chasing down the win in the 18th over. Batting: S.Sillifant 56 from 41 (not out), J. Nichols 30 from 42. Bowling: C. Browning 2 for 22 from 6, Liam Maw 1 for 9 off 7. Ladder position after round 7: 5th out of 8 (3 wins, 3 losses).
Women’s 1st grade – Round 6 (18/12/22): The Redcaps women played at Eady St against Wellington on Sunday morning. Wellington batting first and posted 5/145 in their full 20 overs. The Redcaps played out their 20 overs but fell just 14 runs short, finishing 7/131. Batting: K. Read 26 from 26, T. Pearce 23 from 14. Bowling: A. Nossiter 2 for 15 from 3, B. Crossin 1 for 34 from 4. Ladder position after round 6: 5th out of 6 (1 win, 5 losses).
Under 15 – Round 9 (18/12/22): The Redcaps Under 15s had a win due to a forfeit from North Hobart on Sunday. Ladder position after round 9: 7th out of 10 (3 wins, 4 losses).
Under 13 – Round 9 (16/12/22): Friday evening saw the Under 13 Redcaps play their Derwent Valley rival Gretna at Tynwald. The Redcaps batted first and saw out their 30 overs, scoring 170 with seven wickets lost. This is their highest score so far. In return Gretna also batted its full 30 overs but had a lower run rate, finishing on 6/98. Well done to Redcap Angus Fraser for scoring his first 50 after being in the top scorers for a few weeks. Batting: Angus Fraser 64 from 43 (12 x 4s, 1 x 6), Jack Dance 23 (personal best) from 28 (4 x 4s). Bowling: Angus Fraser 2 for 4 from 4, Jack Dance 2 for 13 from 3, Gabriel Bannister 2 for 24 from 3. Ladder position after round 9: equal 2nd out of 13 (5 wins, 3 losses).
Under 15 Girls – Round 8 (Tuesday 20/12): On Tuesday night the Redcaps Under 15 girls game against North Hobart didn’t go ahead.

2nd grade – Round 7 (17/12/22):
On Saturday at Boyer Oval Molesworth 1 played Montagu Bay. Batting first Molesworth put on 285 with the loss of seven wickets in the full 50 overs. With the ball, Molesworth had Montagu Bay all out for 104 to seal a good first win for the year. Brayden Hodge was able to seal a century with a great innings including 11 4s and four 6s. Batting: B. Hodge 104 from 100, D. Coppleman 38 from 40 (not out). Bowling: B. Jarvis 3 for 30 from 8, B. Coppleman 2 for 7 from 72. Ladder position after round 7: 6th out of 8 (1 win, 6 losses).
7th grade – Round 7 (17/12/22): Molesworth 7th grade played St Aiden’s at Cambridge on Saturday. Molesworth bowled out St Aiden’s for 125 and chased down the winning runs in the 27th over to give Molesworth Cricket Club two wins for the weekend. Batting: N. Wakefield 40 from 69, B. King 27 from 17. Bowling: N. Triffitt 2 for 19 from 8, J. Walker 2 for 16 from 6.2. Ladder position after round 7: 7th out of 8 (2 wins, 3 losses).

2nd Grade – Round 7 (17/12/22):
Saturday saw the Gretna 1 team play Sandford at Gretna. Batting first, Gretna made 8/181 from their full 50 0vers. It took Sandford just 36 overs and four wickets to chase down the runs for a win to Sandford. Brad Wallis had a good knock for Gretna putting on 69 before running out of overs. Batting: B. Wallis 69, Z. Crosswell 25. Bowling: Two wickets again for C. Ransley. Ladder position after round 7: 5th out of 8 (4 wins, 3 losses).
5th Grade – Round 7 (17/12/22): Saturday saw the 2nd Gretna team also take on Sandford but down at Sandford. Bowling first, Gretna showed no mercy having Sandford all out for 67. To secure the win, it took Gretna two wickets and 11 overs to chase down the runs. Batting: J. Ackerly 15 from 23. Bowling: J. Ackerly 3 for 10 from 7, J. Campbell 3 for 15 from 10. Ladder position after round 7: 4th out of 7 (3 wins, 2 losses).
Under 15 – Round 9 (18/12/22): The Gretna Under 15s played the strong Sorell Birch team at Sorell. In a near top of the table clash it was anticipated this would be a good game. Bowling first, Gretna had Sorell all out for 130 in the 33rd over. The Gretna batting innings got off to a rocky start losing a wicket in the first over and didn’t really rebound from there, being all out for 44. Batting: Nick Ransley 21 (3 x 4s and 1 x 6). Bowling: Kayden Cunningham 3 for 22 from 4, Aiden Harvey 2 for 17 from 5. Ladder position after round 9: 3rd out of 10 (5 wins, 2 losses).
Under 13 – Round 9 (16/12/22): As mentioned above, Friday evening saw the Gretna Under 13s play New Norfolk at Tynwald. Unfortunately for Gretna, the Redcaps were too strong this time. Elijah Maddox managed three wickets bowling in a good display of skill. Batting: Cooper Gleeson 23 from 39 (4 x 4s), Ryan Jones 14no from 40 (2 x 4s). Bowling: Elijah Maddox 3 for 5 from 3, Cooper Gleeson 2 for 13 from 3. Ladder position after round 9: 10th out of 13 (1 win, 6 losses).

3rd Grade – Round 7 (17/12/22):
As mentioned above, the Bucks 1 team was at Tynwald against the Redcaps 2 team. The Bucks secured an easy win in just 23.3 overs with a dominant display of batting from Josh Eyles who scored a quickfire 126 from just 44 balls including 13 massive 6s, well-supported by Cody Eyles who also scored a good 63. These two batsmen put on a 162 run partnership to finish the innings. Batting: J. Eyles 126 from 44, C. Eyles 63 from 57 (both batsmen not out). Bowling: M. Eyles 3 for 35 from 9, N. Eyles 2 for 38 from 10. Ladder position after round 7: 3rd out of 8 (4 wins, 3 losses).
7th Grade – Round 7 (17/11/22): Saturday saw the Bucks 2 team host Risdon Brook at home. Batting first, the Bucks were all out for 70 runs, giving Risdon Brook an easy run chase which they managed in the 24th over, losing just four wickets. This was the Bucks team’s first loss and they remain clear at the top of the ladder. Batting: B. McCallum 21 from 41, G. Woolford 13 from 44. Bowling: J. Duffy 2 for 14 from 8. Ladder position after round 7: 1st out of 8 (6 wins, 1 loss).
Women’s 1st Grade – Round 6 (18/12/22): The Lady Bucks were looking to continue their good run into the last game before Christmas against Brighton at Pontville on Sunday. Batting first, the Bucks put on 2/173 in a good display of batting. Brighton didn’t have any answers in return, finishing all out for 44. Erin Lawler and Melinda Green both made 50s before retiring. Batting: E. Lawler 52 from 30, M. Green 50 from 37. Bowling: M. Green 2 for 2 from 1.1, S. Foster 2 for 6 from 3. Ladder position after round 6: 3rd out of 6 (3 wins, 1 loss).

At the Christmas break, a number of Derwent Valley and Central Highland teams have got themselves into good positions on their ladders and will look to build on that in the second half of the season, aiming to make it to the finals. Its also been pleasing to see the improvements in the other teams that have had an influx of new players into the teams and they too will be looking to build and strengthen these improvements in the second part of the season.


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