Junior cricket season back in action

JUNIOR cricket is back, with both of our the New Norfolk Cricket Club junior boys’ teams  playing at the local home of cricket. The year 2023 brings new opportunities for everyone and our juniors are no exception, so let’s get into the report and see how they did!

🏏 New Norfolk Under 13’ v UTAS Lions at Tynwald Park: New Norfolk bowled first. Jack Neads 3-20 off 4, Roo Topping 2-22 off 4, Bobby Nossiter 1-10 off 4, Gabe Bannister 1-15 off 4 with 1 maiden, Jack Dance: 1-15 off 3.1. Jude Bannister (0-8 off 2) bowled well in his spell early in the innings with some lovely line and length. Although he didn’t pick up a wicket, he did his job. Jack Neads snagged three wickets and was the pick of the bowlers with some accurate line and length. He attacked the stumps and made the opposition play their shots, which resulted in wickets for his side. Roo Topping bowled a marvelous 2-22 (hello Richie Benaud) off four overs in a really good spell. He had the ball on a string and picked up some key wickets. Bobby Nossiter was at his usual best, bowling tightly and managing a wicket. He played a key role in limiting the opposition. Gabe Bannister claimed a wicket and continues to improve, helping his side keep the score within striking distance. Speaking of improvement, Jack Dance picked up a wicket himself and continues to get better, bowling some unplayable deliveries during his spell. Angus Fraser, Jude and the two Jacks all took catches for their side and everyone fielded really well. UTAS finished all out for 146.

Bowling: Angus Fraser 36 off 31, Bobby Nossiter 34 off 40, Gabe Bannister 17 off 34. Angus Fraser opened the batting and got really close to retiring, falling four balls short. He hit three 4s and two 6s, playing a nice variety of power shots and defence. Gabe Bannister came in at number three and found the gap with ease, staying patient during his innings. He hit a 4 and backed up the good work of Angus. Bobby Nossiter faced 40 balls and scored 34, with five boundaries. He attacked when he had to but also stayed patient, especially late in the innings when we needed someone to stay until the end. Roo Topping (9 off 21) and Benton Gray (0* off 13) both defended the ball well and did their job for the side. Roo hit a 4 and continues to feature amongst the runs, whilst Benton refused to get out and was a brick wall in defence. Unfortunately, their efforts weren’t quite enough and we fell 20 runs short.
New Norfolk finished all out for 126, giving UTAS the win.

Although disappointing to lose, it’s not the end of the world and considering it’s the first game back, everyone should be proud of their efforts. We saw some improvements from players and hopefully the rust is off everyone now as we look to attack training hard and finish off the rest of the season well.

🏏New Norfolk Under 15s v Gretna at Tynwald Park: New Norfolk bowled first. Haiden Smith 2-31 off 7, Tyson Smith 2-37 off 6, Ruben Strong 1-12 off 2, Oliver Rhodes 1-24 off 3, Kobe Strong 1-28 off 3, Zayne Field 1-55 off 6.
Haiden Smith and Tyson Smith opened the bowling and each took two wickets. With the pressure on, they stayed composed and did a good job of bowling line and length. Both boys had some solid pace and controlled the ball well. Zayne Field returned to the team and picked up a wicket with a nice LBW. Bobby Nossiter (0-33 off 7 with 1 maiden) tried hard during the innings and despite not picking up a wicket, did a really good job of keeping the pressure on. Ruben Strong and Oliver Rhodes started their spells late and picked up a wicket each with some really nice bowling. Both boys came in at difficult times and should be proud of their efforts. Kobe Strong also picked up a wicket and worked really hard, after Bobby picked up a really nice catch. In the field, Noah Evans, Haiden, Bobby and Tyson (2) took catches and backed up their bowlers. Gretna finished on 8-285 off their 40 overs.

Batting: Tyson Smith 23 off 40, Haiden Smith 22 of 34, Logan Hunt 20 off 26, Bobby Nossiter 11 of 11. Tyson and Haiden Smith batted well together and struck the ball well. Tyson hit two 4s and a 6 and Haiden hit three 4s, both with some precision batting. Both boys played shots all over the ground and played their role well. Logan Hunt hit four 4s and looked really solid in defence. He showed some good leadership in the middle and wasn’t afraid to have a crack. Bobby Nossiter reached double figures and scored at a run a ball. He hit two 4s and backed up a good innings with the Under 13s earlier in the day. He tried hard to gain some momentum for his side and didn’t let himself down. Ruben (5* off 15 with 1 four) and Kobe Strong (1 off 14) showed some fight at the end of the innings with a battle of the brothers, but they unfortunately couldn’t score the extra 160-odd runs needed. New Norfolk finished on 9-116, giving Gretna the win.

It was a disappointing result for the boys, who were over-matched by a strong Gretna side. There were some good efforts by the team but there are some things we can work on at training to hopefully improve next game.


  1. Tyson Smith: 66 and 5-35 off 4 in U15s in round one.
  2. Angus Fraser: 64* and 2-4 off 4 in U13s in round nine.
  3. Tyson Smith: 2-17 off 8 and 57* in U15s in round six.
  4. Bobby Nossiter: 1-17 off 5 and 70* in U15s in round six.
  5. Jack Neads: 51 and 0-10 off 3 in U13s in round eight.
  6. Bobby Nossiter: 47 in U15s in round one.
  7. Tyson Smith: 3-20 off 5.4 in U15s in round five.
  8. Angus Fraser: 34 and 2-7 off 4 in U13s in round 8.
  9. Roo Topping: 3-19 off 3 in U13s in round three.
  10. Jack Neads: 3-20 off 3 in U13s in round four.

That’s it from me this week. With the season back, let’s all work hard at training and try and have some success next weekend. Thanks to everyone that helped out in the canteen and on the field, I really appreciate it. Until next time, cheers and GO REDCAPS.


EDITOR’S NOTE: All Derwent Valley/Central Highlands cricket teams are welcome to send reports for publication at newnorfolknews.com. Email reports and photos to damian@newnorfolknews.com

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