Police rescue was no stretch for junior firies

THE recently appointed officer in charge of the Hamilton Police Station made a great impression on the junior members of the Gretna Fire Brigade at today’s Bushy Park Show after taking up brigade chief Colin Cunningham’s invitation to take part in a mock rescue exercise.

The junior firefighters had already practiced their rescue routine several times before the showground announcer informed the crowd that Senior Constable Candice Barron would be the taking part in the next run-through. The scenario involved the officer running a short distance from the fire trucks and then using a fire extinguisher on a witches hat traffic cone that represented a fire.

For reasons not entirely clear, the scenario was that this first responder would then require help, which arrived in the form of a stretcher party. The stretcher-bearers then blanket-lifted the officer onto a canvas stretcher and then ran with the loaded stretcher back to the vehicles.

The four members of the stretcher party had already successfully moved one of their fellow junior fire brigade members in the earlier run-throughs, and quickly showed that they could carry a fully kitted-out police officer with no apparent difficulty. This was followed by a round of applause for the senior constable and her rescuers.

About 3000 people attended today’s 148th Bushy Park Show. Check back tomorrow for more photos from the day.

An initial briefing on the firefighting scenario at the Bushy Park Show.
Senior Constable Candice Barron heads to the “fire” while the junior fire brigade members get their stretcher ready.
Running to the “fire”.
Putting out the “fire”.
Calling for help.
Help arrives.
Lifting the patient onto the stretcher.
Carrying the patient to safety.
Checking on the patient’s welfare.
Senior Constable Barrow and the Gretna Junior Fire Brigade.

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