Council merger information packs now available

THE Local Government Board has released the information packs it has produced for the purpose of discussing a range of restructuring options it would like to test with councils and communities as it proceeds with the local government reform process.

“We have applied a range of data to the scenarios to give councils and communities a sense of how they perform against a set of criteria focused on future community needs, potential council service capability, and long-run financial sustainability,” the board said in releasing the information yesterday.

“The scenarios in the information packs are not the only options for reform the board will consider, but we think they should start a good discussion about what the future of local government in Tasmania should look like. Communities and councils may have their own ideas about how local government could be better organised to meet their particular needs. The board welcomes alternative suggestions as part of the engagement process,” the boards said.

“The board is due to deliver its final reform recommendations to the Government at the end of October. We think this is a once-in-a-generation chance to deliver reform that will benefit all Tasmanians in the decades to come. Now is the time to speak up if you have big ideas about the future of local government in Tasmania.”

The Local Government Board invites comments on the Information Packs until August 2. This can be done by making a comment online or by emailing

The “Community Catchments” covering the areas of the Central Highlands and Derwent Valley councils are:

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  1. Tasmania at one time unbelievably had 46 Councils and we still have 29 even though our population is just over half a million. The decision on the future shape of our local Councils shouldn’t just be a decision for our Councils or LGAT. Some Councillors have already publicly voiced strong opposition to amalgamation well before the release of the Information Packs which will provide the basis for discussion so we can get the best possible outcome for our communities. At the end of the day it is us ratepayers who pay the price if our Council is unable to provide essential services. Derwent Valley Council cannot get and hold a General Manager and once again are without one. I encourage everyone to attend either one of the community meetings or to make a submission.
    Mark Bennett, Lachlan

  2. It looks like there are 3 options in order of unpalatability, with #1 the most likely, so let it roll and maybe the others at a generational pace. Plus for DV/NN is that the Mar-a-Lago end of the municipality goes to Glenorchy – hopefully ending the description of New Norfolk/Derwent Valley as a “Suburb” of Hobart. It would be nice if Derwent Valley could get some of “West Midlands” and “Southern West Coast” to enable a Wilderness focus for the Municipality to transition out of the old industrial resource approach to Wilderness.

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