New Norfolk junior football – Rounds 2&3

ROUND 3 of the Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League produced what may be New Norfolk’s game of the year in a nail-biting grand final replay in the Under-14 Girls when the Eagles hosted Clarence at Tynwald Park on Sunday.

Both teams have been promoted into the Division 1 competition this year and both were on the hunt for their first win of the season. The game was hard with a contest that saw the ball move from end to end with little scoring occurring.

The pressure and determination of the Eagles was obviously getting to Clarence which started to bring in some undisciplined play as a result of the frustration being felt. The Eagles concentrated on football and late in the fourth quarter snared the winning gaol to take the victory. The girls sang the song with some serious passion after the game and can be seen on the NNJFC Facebook page.

Milestone game players in Round 3 – 75 club games:  Jake Smith, Under-14; Logan Jordan, Under-14; Charlie Cooper, Under-14. 50 club games: Sam Clark, Under-14; Aiden Harvey, Under 14.

Results in brief:
Under-18 Girls 4.1 lost to Huonville 8.10. Goals: Alix Dabrowski, Maddison Krause, Bridie Krause, Jazmyn Bomford. Best: Kodi Stevenson, Naomi Machin, Maddison Krause, Brandi Sokolski, Amber Rainbird, Alix Dabrowski.
Under-16.5 12.6 lost to Huonville 20.17. Goals: Ryan Bartels 4, Harry Morgan 4, Liam Lowe 2, Nick Ransley, Toby Marriott. Best: Tyler Benson, Liam Lowe, Harry Morgan, Riley Triffett, Ryan Bartels.
Under-14 Girls 1.6 defeated Clarence 0.7. Goals: Elsie Chaplin. Best: Myler Pelham, Kyeshia Burke, Elsie Chaplin, Chelsy Benson, Brontee Chaplin, Bronte Jones.
Under-14 4.2 lost to Lindisfarne 22.12. Goals: Aiden Harvey 3, Noah Evans. Best: Sean Brownlow, Sam Clark, Charlie Cooper, Kobe Strong, Aydan Bailey, Bradley Slater.
Under-12 Girls 0.1 lost to Sandy Bay 3.6.
Under-12 0.1 lost to Claremont Bulldogs 18.13.
Under-11 Red 3.5 defeated Clarence Red 3.3.
Under 11 Black 7.11/ defeated Brighton 3.3.

Pauly’s Pizza Award winners – Round 3: Under-8, Austin Hill; Under-9, Edward Mayne; Under-10 Red, Ethan Ackerley; Under-10 Black: Jack Dance; Under-11 Red, Cooper Graham; Under-11 Black, Lucas Benson; Under-12, Alex Dillon; Under-12G, Sha Diamond; Under-14, Sam Clark; Under-14G, Milla Hanlon, Brilee Chaplin; Under-16.5, Liam Lowe; Under-18G: Kodi Stevenson.

Round 3 milestone game award recipients and senior club players.

Round 2 results – April 23

IT was a tough week for all teams but the word from many of the games was that the effort and sportsmanship were high. Well done to the Under-11 Red team for being able to sing the club song at the end.

Milestone game players in Round 2 – 75 club games: Ethan Collins, Under 16.5; 50 club games: Brax Abel, Under-11 Red; Logan Daley, Under-12; Mason Marriott, Under 12.

Results in brief:
Under-18 Girls 0.0 lost to Sandy Bay 9.6. Best: Olivia Lane, Amber Rainbird, Maddison Krause, Brandi Sokolski, Hannah Courtney, Kodi Stevenson.
Under-16.5 8.5 lost to South East Giants 26.15. Goals: Ryan Bartels 4, Takoda George 2, Nick Ransley, Wyatt Lovell. Best: Ryan Bartels, Riley Triffett, Lochlan Smith, Lucas Gordon Smith.
Under-14 Girls 1.1 lost to Claremont 19.7. Goals: Sienna Brown. Best: Ruby Rainbird, Brilee Chaplin, Elsie Chaplin, Sienna Brown, Myler Pelham, Ellah Braslin.
Under-14 6.3 lost to Clarence 21.6. Goals: Aiden Harvey 3, Sean Brownlow, Aydan Bailey, Angus Fraser. Best: Angus Fraser, Sean Brownlow, Aiden Harvey, Kayleb Taylor, Aydan Bailey, Bradley Slater.
Under-12 Girls 0.1 lost to Clarence 12.2.
Under-12 5.5 lost to Clarence 6.12.
Under-11 Red 6.7 defeated Lindisfarne Lightning 4.1.
Under-11 Black 5.1 lost to Sandy Bay 15.9.

Pauly’s Pizza Award winners – Round 2: Under-8, Bobbee Chaplin; Under-9, Brax Baldwin; Under-10 Red, Tobi Triffett; Under-10 Black, Oliver Devine; Under-11 Red, Charlie Daniels; Under-11 Black, Xavier Smith; Under-12, Mason Marriott; Under-12G, Ruby Lovell; Under-14, Kayleb Taylor; Under-14G, Ruby Rainbird; Under-16.5, Kayden Cunningham; Under-18G, Olivia Lane.

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