Eagle women fought hard against Claremont


IT was a short day at Boyer Oval on Saturday as the Senior Women were the only team to play while the men’s sides had a bye. There was a good crowd in attendance in glorious unseasonal conditions to watch the female Eagle outfit line up against the top-of-the-ladder Claremont Magpies who had only lost one game for the season.

The young Eagles knew they were in for a tough encounter but were full of excitement to test themselves against the much stronger Claremont outfit. Unfortunately for the young home team, Claremont proved to be much too strong and ran out 50-point winners.

The difference in age and experience was noticeable, but the younger Eagle outfit tried hard all game and showed some good football and teamwork. The average age of the young Eagles was under 20 and with natural improvement and development the team will be a force to be reckoned with next season.

Women’s Report – Vanessa Stevenson and Tash Farrow

THE game started in bright, sunny conditions with the physically stronger Claremont attacking the forward line strongly and scoring their first goal at the two-minute mark. The Magpies were attacking relentlessly but Grace Kube was working hard in defence with two early touches for the Eagles. Maddie Devine was dominating in the ruck, marking well around the ground and was also in the play with a great smother.

As always, captain Sophie Farrow was showing great attack on the football and took a great contested mark to keep the Magpies at bay. Jamie Mansfield was defending well with three strong marks and Dannielle Clifford was providing protection in the goal square and driving some long kicks into the midfield.

Jasmine Skelly took a great mark and was playing well in defence while Ellie Henricks, Hayley James and Mia Temple were tackling strongly and keeping the football in the Eagles’ forward line. Unfortunately for home side, the Magpies backline kept them scoreless for the quarter. Quarter-time scores: Claremont 4.1 (25) to New Norfolk 0.0 (0).

The Eagles showed more intent in the second quarter, holding the Magpies to one goal and three behinds while scoring a goal and two behinds to break even with their more fancied rivals. Farrow kicked a well-deserved goal for the Eagles at the eight-minute mark of the quarter courtesy of a free kick and 50m penalty. Jaymee Mansfield took a great mark in the back line and Nemesia Skelly was working tirelessly to keep the ball in the Eagles forward line. Kube was proving the Eagles with some great running and Jodie Mather was tackling well. Half-time scores: Claremont 5.4 (34) to New Norfolk 1.2 (8).

The third quarter saw Claremont ramp up the pressure on the Eagles but to their credit the home side kept Claremont to one goal and one behind for the quarter. While the Eagles failed to score in this quarter, they were well served by Kodi Stevenson with her amazing running, Kyah Abel with great work in the midfield, Mansfield defending well and Henricks with strong marking and tackling. Highlights of the quarter were a Clifford mark at the 42 second mark, a great mark from Kube, a great tackle from Kimberly Slater in Claremont’s forward 50 and an amazing Maddi Devine tackle which resulted in a free kick. Three-quarter time scores: Claremont 7.8 (50) to New Norfolk 2.2 (8).

The final quarter saw many great plays from the Eagles including a great mark by Henricks at the 46 second mark, and a good Farrow mark in the forward 50. Mansfield was showing great attack on the ball, Brandi Sokolski was great in defence and Abel showed amazing effort to get the ball into the forward 50. Devine kicked the Eagles’ second goal at the seven-minute mark of the quarter.   

A special mention to the four water carriers, Bronte Chaplin, Chris Harwood, Chelsea Benson and Peter Henricks for the greatly appreciated assistance on the day.

Final Scores
Claremont 9.11 (65)
New Norfolk 2.3 (15)
Best Claremont:
N. Smedley, K. Smith, K. Stanford, N. Daniels, K. Smith, R. Duffy; New Norfolk: E. Henricks, M. Devine, J. Mansfield, G. Kube, S. Farrow, B. Sokolski.
Goals – Claremont: N. Daniels 6, G. Leitch 2, R. Davie; New Norfolk: M. Devine, S. Farrow.

Next games – August 5

ALL four Eagle teams are on the road this Saturday to the Huonville Oval for some very tough games against the Huonville Lions.

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