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New Norfolk Soccer Club round-up

Men’s round-up by Jakeb Rhodes

June 18: Slated as the game of the season, the New Norfolk Panthers senior men’s team took on DOSA at Tynwald Park. Inspired by their female counterparts earlier beating top-of-the-table Huon Valley 4-2. After a poor result earlier in the season against DOSA, the Panthers were out to make amends. The whistle blew to signal the start of the match, and both teams looked good from the onset with early chances but it was a strike from range from David Baxter that opened the account. The game was far from over as DOSA was next to score, creating a tight game. Christopher Driver excelled over the next 50 minutes, notching up an impressive hat-trick. DOSA managed to score another before the end of the match but it was fruitless as the Panthers won 4-2.

Andy Healey defending for New Norfolk.

June 25: The team travelled to Kelvedon Park to play Taroona. It was definitely brisk as the side made its way out on to the pitch at an untraditional start time of 2.30pm. Spirits were high however, and this reflected on the scoresheet. Chris Driver scored a fancy chip and Morgan Brown rifled one into the back of the net from long range. Paul Cairns calmly slotted a penalty and these were just some of the excellent goals in the panthers eventual 5-0 win.

July 2: The men were at home against their arch-rivals, Barnestoneworth. There were mixed emotions and plenty of nerves as the sides prepared themselves for the battle that would ensue. Unusually it was the Panthers who found themselves down 1-0 only 20 minutes into the first half. The chase was on and relentless effort from the Panthers resulted in a terrific team goal just before half-time. With it all to do in the second half, the Panthers again found themselves on the back foot as Barnestoneworth snuck home a goal to put them in the box seat, 2-1. The Panthers rallied to score a goal and were unlucky not to scoring another, for an eventual score of 2-2.

Women’s round-up by Maddy Chisholm

Jazmin Moate taking a throw-in.

June 18: The Panthers played at great game with Huon Valley, securing a win against the league’s previously undefeated team at home. Two Panthers players came off the field due to injuries but team carried on, maintaining the majority of possession. Two who played exceptionally well were Jess, who scored a hat trick and Renee who also made her mark on the scoreboard, with both players splitting the Huon Valley’s defence line. The Panthers’ strong start to the second half resulted in the 4–2 win.

June 23: The Panthers women’s team played their first-ever cup game against Metro at Metro’s home ground. This was also the New Norfolk women’s first night game and it was met with excitement. In the first half, a handball within the Panthers goal box led to a penalty providing Metro the first goal of the match. Metro soon followed-up with a second goal. In the second half, the Panthers goalie was substituted due to injuries, with Mel stepping up for the team and playing in goals. Renee and Jess scored for the Panthers by running out Metro’s defence line and Jess’ curved balls. With a 2:2 score, the game resulting in a penalty shootout as a result of the draw. The suspense was drawn out with penalties going to ten shots. Mel saved two shots on goal, with two more shots not on target. Tegan, Traci, Erin and Renee all scored for the Panthers. Despite this great effort, Metro won the game with a great final save by their goalkeeper.

June 25: Still recovering from the previous Friday night’s game, the Panthers met DOSA at home. In the first half, a penalty was given in favour of the Panthers due to Tegan being tripped in the goal box. Jorja stepped up to take the free and found the back of the net, scoring the game’s first goal. Kiara and Erin were standouts, the defenders shutting down DOSA’s attempts to attack. Despite numerous shots on goal from the Panthers, they struggled in both halves to score, with multiple shots hitting the goalposts. In the game’s last five minutes, the Panthers tried to clear the ball from the backline, ricocheting off other Panthers players into their own goals and resulting in a 1:1 draw.

July 2: The Panthers met Hobart United at home, with coach Bec taking to the field as goalie. She soon fostered excitement from spectators as she slide-tackled the ball and moved outside the 16m box. The Panthers scored two goals this game, with Renee and Jess delivering. Both Abby B and Traci played a great match, working well together. Abby continuously closed down plays by Hobart United in the defence line, and Traci travelled with the ball from the defence and provided multiple shots on goal. It was a great team effort that resulted in the 2-0 win for the Panthers. After the win, the players stayed to support the Panthers’ men’s team, furthering the club spirit with both teams supporting each other throughout the season. Home games are a great way to show local support for the club, and the club welcomes anyone from the community to come down and support their local teams at Tynwald Park.

Junior round-up

Logan White with his rewards.

Pauly’s Pizza Award Winners – Round 11 – July 1 – Under-6 White: Sidney Stefaniak. Under-6 Red: Lucas Tassell, Jaylen Frost-Graham. Under-6 Black: Maverick Evans, Erik Murray. Under-7 White: Logan Menzie. Under-7 Red: Mia Kaitinis. Under-8 White: William Hartigan. Under-8 Red: Leo Sweeney-Williams. Under-9: Finn Harriss, Flynn Ripley. Under-12: Annalise Kemp.

UNDER-6 WHITE played an excellent game. With only FOUR team members present, everyone played the full game (still with energy to spare to run around at half time). Holy Rosary was a great match and both teams showed some strong defence and beautiful teamwork. Sid Stefaniak was the Pauly’s Pizza player of the match, with some nimble footwork and a couple of cracking goals. A special mention also goes to Harry for scoring an amazing first goal. Well done, team. Everyone played well. LIZ PRIESTLEY

UNDER-7 RED showed some terrific sportsmanship against an undermanned Brighton Side which had only two players. It was great to see Mia Kaitinis and Amy Downie volunteer to play half a game each for Brighton. We only had four players ourselves, so the White team lent us some extra players. Mia took home the Pauly’s Pizza voucher for her great sportsmanship and hard running, playing a wonderful game. CHARLIE DOWNIE

UNDER-9 had a home game against DOSA Maroon who were short a few players, so Sonny volunteered to play for them, showing great sportsmanship. The DOSA coach was amazing, giving our players tips and learning their names. Little things like that from the opposition coach meant a lot to players. After a three-week break due, we were excited to play. You could see everyone trying really hard for the entire game, so we were grateful to have a couple subs to give everyone a rest. Finn and Flynn both had a great game, showing lots of perseverance and attacking the ball. Finn ran with the ball from the back half but was unlucky missing his shot at goal. Joe, Esther and Olive did not stop running the whole game, and all three showed skill in turning the ball around. Amber and Biz were not afraid to tackle to get the ball and were pretty impressive getting the ball out of a huddle. Goalies Silas and Hugh were under pressure with many shots at goal but their teammates helped defend the goal square. Thanks to DOSA Maroon for a great game and to all the volunteers, Janine and Derwent Valley Council for making the game. ABBY HANSON

UNDER-12 had a great game against Metro. Both teams seemed a bit flat in the first half but after the break our team picked up and this forced Metro to pick up as well. It was a hard-fought low-scoring game. Our Pauly’s Pizza voucher went to Annalise. She’s the only girl on our team but she certainly lets the boys know she is there. Well done Annalise and the boys, it was another great game. BERNADETTE LAWRENCE

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