Cygnet too good for Eagle men


Senior Report – Wayne Walker

THE New Norfolk Eagles ran into second-placed Cygnet at Boyer Oval on Saturday, suffering another heavy loss as they approach the season’s fininshing line. The visitors had too much firepower up forward, with big ruckman/forward Joe Direen (six goals), classy small forward Jake Dance (four goals) and playing coach Thor Boscott (four goals) along with a number of other contributors resulting in nine individual goalkickers.

Before the Eagles ran on to the park, they were paid a visit by a number of Eagle past premiership players and coaches. Current coach Matthew Smith and former coach John Murray explained to the playing group how unity and mateship was the key for their success in their premiership years, and how that can be ingrained into the
current playing group if they stick together to lead to a brighter future. The key message was “train, stick together and enjoy the game”.

Matchups to start the contest had Eagle Ben Lovell in the ruck against Cygnet’s big Will Polley, while the Eagles’ onball trio of Zeb Graham, Tyron Bailey and Baxter Lewis took on Port captain Lachlan Watt, Toby Cowen and Joshua Coad.

The Port hit the scoreboard early through Dartanyan Bantick but moments later the Eagles found youngster Jacob Goodsell just 15m from goal for their first major. Cygnet’s quick ball movement had the Eagles chasing tails which led to two quick goals to Boscott, giving the visitors a 35-point lead at quarter time: Cygnet 6.5 (41) to New Norfolk 1.0 (6).

Cygnet’s running game took over in the second term, finding their forward targets in space as the Eagles lacked pressure on the ball carrier which resulted in five goals for the term as Cygnet increased the lead to 62 points. Eagle youngster Tyler Benson was a standout for the Eagles, using his pace and skill on the wing featuring in a number of forward entries and also applying pressure with some great tackles on his direct opponents. Big key forward Jason Laycock was clunking some big marks one on one and also in packs, but the Eagles found it hard to convert their opportunities near goal. Half time scores: Cygnet 11.10 (76) to New Norfolk 1.2 (8).

The Eagles had yet another heart-to-heart conversation at half-time with a number of questions being asked of the group as the main theme pre-match was concentration on effort and output. The Eagles started the third term with a goal to another Eagle youngster, Zack Holloway, but a three-goal burst from the elusive Dance sparked a seven-goal quarter for the visitors to extend the lead to 108 points: Cygnet 18.14 (122) to New Norfolk 2.2 (14).

The last term was the Eagles’ best, generating four goals, but Cygnet booted seven to run out big winners by 127 points. On a positive note, young gun Benson played a great game, Jaidyn Fisher-Cooley battled hard across half back, Ben Lovell held his own in the ruck against Direen and Polley. Rowan Thomason continues to develop into one of the Eagles’ prime movers and shows his versatility in many positions on the park and Josh Clifford gives his all every week as a leader of the club. Special mention also to Corey Ransley, Luke Crosswell and Kye Rogers (first senior game) for doubling up this week and taking part in both the Reserve and Senior games.

The situation will not be any easier this week when the Eagles take the trip to Shark Park to take on the Dodges Ferry Sharks for their final hit out for the year. We have some sore boys among the Senior squad at the moment who are limping to the finishing line of what has been a really tough season. But as Matthew Smith and Josh
Clifford said to me in past conversations some years ago “that’s footy – its ups and downs, its joys and its heartbreak, its thrills and its spills and no matter what, we love it.”

Final scores
New Norfolk 6.5 (41)
Cygnet 25.18 (168)
Best – New Norfolk:
T. Benson, J. Fisher-Cooley, T. Eiszele, J. Clifford, R. Thomason, Z. Holloway; Cygnet: W. Cleeland, J. Cowen, T. Boscott, C. Rawnsley, T. Cowen, J. Direen.
Goals – New Norfolk: T. Bailey, J. Laycock, J. Goodsell, K. Rogers, A. Higgins, Z. Holloway; Cygnet: J. Direen 6, J. Dance 4, T. Boscott 4, J. Cowen 3, D. Bantick 3, C. Walter 2, J. Walter, J. Coad, W. Cleeland.

Reserves Report – Wayne Walker

The Eagle Reserves continue to go through testing times with playing personnel, with only just enough numbers from week to week to provide a contest. Cygnet was too strong in most areas across the park with options up forward scoring steadily over four quarters. The Eagles had limited scoring opportunities and limited key targets on their forward line.

Cygnet had a 34-point lead at quarter time – 5.4G (34) to New Norfolk’s 0.0 (0) and extended the lead to 51 points at half time – 8.6 (54) points to New Norfolk 0.3 (3). The visitors took it to a 61-point lead at three-quarter time – Cygnet 11.11 (77) to New Norfolk 2.4 (16) – with Eagle Luke Crosswell booting two goals for the home side during the quarter.

Midfielder Andrew Minchen had plenty of the footy, Ethan Holden defended well across half-back and Nick Ransley performed well and showed his footy smarts. Jake Campbell and Thomas Lovell battled hard and Samuel Jackson had an impact across half back. The Reserves have had two wins this season and face off against ladder leaders
Dodges Ferry this weekend.

Final Scores
New Norfolk 2.5 (17)
Cygnet 15.15 (105)
Best – New Norfolk
: A. Minchin, E. Holden, N. Ransley, J. Campbell, S. Jackson, T. Lovell; Cygnet: E. Ross, J. Pearson, B. Livingston, B. Lawless, R. Gale, K. Wouters.
Goals – New Norfolk: L. Crosswell 2; Cygnet: J. Doyle 3, B. Livingston 2, J. Bester 2, J. Pearson 2, L. Ford 2, K. Nielsen, B. McDermott, B. Lawless, J. Caulfield.

Women’s Report – Vanessa Stevenson and Tash Farrow

THE Lady Eagles met The Port on Saturday for their last home game for the season. The game started with both teams desperate for the ball. Maddison Devine was rucking well and Sophie Farrow passed to Brandi Sokolski for the Eagles’ first goal.

Each time The Port moved the ball forward, Jasmine Skelly and Jaymee Mansfield were defending well. The ball kept moving into the Eagles forward line with only a couple of behinds scored. Krystina Jacobs was tackling well as was Taylah Squires but the Eagle forwards couldn’t capitalise on the ball being in their forward line.

An impressive tackle by Ashlee Green saw the ball move forward again and after some desperate tackles The Port moved the ball into their forward line but could only score a behind. Sophie Farrow was playing a great captain’s game. Quarter-time scores: New Norfolk 12 (8) to The Port 0.1 (1).

The second quarter began with The Port moving the ball into their forward line, but great work by the Eagle backline saw The Port only register a behind. Great work by Devine saw the ball go forward for the Eagles with Mel Green scoring a behind. Both teams were giving it their all and younger Eagle players Brandi Sokolski, Kyah Abel, Ellie Henricks were dominating. The Port kicked their first goal for the game.

Gracie Kube, Jasmine Skelly and Haylee James were playing great footy as was Jodie Mather who took a great mark, but the Eagles couldn’t convert for a goal. Mia Temple was playing courageous footy and tackling hard. The Port went forward again but could only record a behind. Half-time scores were New Norfolk 1.3 (9) to The Port 1.3 (9).

The visitors came out strongly in the third quarter and kicked a goal in the first couple of minutes courtesy of a 50m penalty. The Eagles needed to move the ball into their forward line as they were kicking with the wind. Pocket rocket Henricks kicked a behind, but it wasn’t long before great play by Sokolski who bounced three times before handballing to Henricks for her first goal. James seemed to have the ball on a string as did Krystina Jacobs. Some great play by Sokolski again saw Henricks kick her second goal for the game.

The younger girls were playing and tackling well. Maddison Krause, Jaymee Mansfield and Jasmine Skelly were playing well for the Eagles in defence. Devine was strong in the ruck and was also tackling well. Great play by the girls saw a beautiful mark and goal from Jodie Mather. The Eagles never gave up and it was looking great for the
final quarter. Three-quarter time scores: New Norfolk 4.5 (29) to The Port 3.3 (21).

The final quarter saw some great play by Jorja Frankin and Haylee James putting the ball into the Eagles forward line. The Port kept sending the ball back into their forward line, but great play by Jasmine Skelly and Jaymee Mansfield saw the ball rebound up the ground as quickly as it was coming in. The Port managed to kick a behind, limited by great tackling in defence by the Eagles. A wayward ball was marked by The Port who made sure it went through for a goal.

The game was at an exciting stage with both teams hungry for the ball. The Eagles defence was working overtime with some great marking and tackling. Mansfield played a great last quarter with her marking and kicking. The Port sent the ball forward but could only manage a behind. The Eagles moved the ball forward again through the young guns of the team for Henricks to be rewarded with her third goal which saw the Eagles in front by a single point.

Both teams were hard at the ball in the dying stages of the match but it was the Eagles who ran out victors by a point. We are all so proud of the girls as they really stepped up in every quarter to come away with the win.
Congratulations Mel Green and Josh Clifford on coaching a great game. 

New Norfolk needs to win against Hutchins this week, and rely on the Huonville Lions defeating University, to have a chance of playing finals footy. Injury concerns for the Lady Eagles ahead of this week’s must-win game are Gracie
Kube (calf), Kodi Stevenson (ankle) and Ash Green (shoulder). 

Final Scores
New Norfolk 5.6 (36)
The Port 5.5 (35)
Best – New Norfolk:
M. Devine, B. Sokolski, S. Farrow, E. Henricks, S. Farrow, J. Mather, T. Squires. The Port: B. Gordon, E. Brereton, E. Doyle, A. Sharp, I. Sharp, B. Griggs.
Goals – New Norfolk: Ellie Henricks 3, J. Mather, B. Sokolski. The Port: E. Doyle 2, A. Sharp, G. Jones, M. Lamprill.

Next games – August 19

  • Women v Hutchins at Queenborough Oval at 9.30 am.
  • Reserves v Dodges Ferry at Shark Park, Dodges Ferry, at noon.
  • Seniors v Dodges Ferry at Shark Park, Dodges Ferry, at 2pm.

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