Eagles copped a mauling at Huonville


IT was a tough day on the road at Huonville on Saturday for the New Norfolk District Football Club with three losses and a forfeit to the Huonville Lions.

The Senior Women were first up against Huonville in a game which the Eagles needed to win to keep themselves in the hunt for a finals berth. It was an entertaining match against the Lions who were a game clear of the Eagles on the ladder. Unfortunately for the Eagles, the Lions were slightly stronger on the day, running out winners by 16 points.

Unfortunately the Colts team had to forfeit the game against the Huonville Lions due to a lack of numbers. They have also forfeited the last two games of the season. A number of the Colts players topped up the Reserves with some retired players also helping out. They were still short however and Will Banks from the Senior side dropped
back to give them enough players to field a side even though they did not have 22 players).

It is extremely disappointing that a number of players refuse to travel, which makes it very difficult for those committed players who turn up week in week out to represent the club. The undermanned Reserves were beaten by 91 points but put up a brave fight with limited numbers and no rotations.

The Seniors were given a football lesson by the undefeated Huonville Lions by a massive 229 points. The result was not unexpected but it must be pointed out that some players selected in the Senior team did not turn up on the day. This made it very hard for those who did turn up to represent the club. It was great to see Sam Holloway and Thomas Lovell step up at short notice after playing in the Reserves.

After playing in the Reserves, Will Banks was injured in the first few minutes of the Senior encounter and did not take any further part in the game. Assistant Coach Adrian “Chopper” Burdon pulled on the boots to give the boys some rotations on the bench. All those who represented the club on Saturday should be congratulated for turning up and having a go. The attitude of a number of players within the club is very disappointing and they need to have a good hard look in the mirror.

We have a good core group of experienced players, some good young developing players and some who should never be allowed to pull on the Red, White, and Black again. With some astute recruiting during the off-season, next season we will once again see the mighty Eagles climbing the ladder.

Senior Report – Wayne Walker

THE Eagles were torn to shreds by the premiership favourite Huonville Lions by a massive 219 points in what was a day to forget for the New Norfolk District Football club at Huonville on Saturday. The Eagles were never in the contest and were outgunned in all facets of the game as the high marking, fast running Lions dominated every quarter.

The Lions were too big and powerful and too strong in the aerial contests, pulling down mark after mark, led by Lion veteran full forward Michael Paul with 11 goals. He was well supported by centre half forward Mitchell Walker (four goals), Jackson Keogh (five goals), and Ethan Brock (four goals). The Eagles simply did not have the physical attributes to match their much more experienced mature opponents. The Lions have the perfect balance of big high marking forwards along with small crumbing forwards and a hard running on ball unit that works hard to find space, which creates smooth ball movement all over the park.

The home side wasted no time in the first term as they had repeat forward entries finding big Michael Paul who bagged four goals for the term. The contest was held up for several minutes due to a back injury to Eagle speedster Will Banks who left the ground and took no further part in the match. Quarter-time scores: Huonville 8.6 (54) to New Norfolk 1.1 (7).

The Lions continued to dominate with big Cameron Johns leading the way along with onballers Brady Jones and Dale Thorp winning many centre clearances. The Lions’ forwards feasted on the footy leaving the Eagles shaking their heads. The Eagles coaching staff shuffled the playing personnel to try to stop the bleeding, but the Lions
added another seven goals to the scoreline. Half-time scores: Huonville 15.11 (101) points to New Norfolk 2.2 (14).

The Eagles attempted to play man on man footy in the third term but the Lions jumped into another gear, slamming on 13 goals. They stunned the young Eagles into making fundamental errors, adding to an already very low base of confidence in what has been a really tough year. To make matters worse the Eagles lost onballer
Jordan Eiszele and captain Josh Farrow who were sidelined for the rest of the contest. Young Samuel Holloway and Thomas Lovell, who both also played in the Reserves game, were struggling with soreness, and carried on with difficulty. Three-quarter time scores: Huonville 28.18 (186) to New Norfolk 3.2 (20).

The Lions continued on their merry way in the last term, kicking another 11 goals in a relentless display. The Eagles had no options on the bench due to injured players but it must be said that the Eagles lacked pressure around the contest and footy smarts which gave the Lions an armchair ride to the final siren.

The season has taken its toll on the playing group, but all clubs have had their low points. It will take time to turn things around, but you can always pull out some positives. Eagle youngster Riley Triffett played his first Senior game for the club and showed he has the skill and determination to compete at a high level and looks to have a bright future. He also booted a clever goal for the Eagles.

Big ruckman/forward Corey Ransley started up forward and moved into the ruck throughout the game, holding his
own against the Lions trio of ruck options. The never give up attitude of Josh Clifford was evident once again with another strong performance. Rowan Thomason battled hard on the backline against the Lions tall timber and Tyron Bailey put in another solid four quarter effort. We never thought we would see Adrian Burdon in a New Norfolk guernsey ever again, but “Chop” took to the field once again to help out the Senior squad.

Where do we go from here? It’s another tough task ahead against Cygnet this Saturday who are also sitting high on the SFL ladder. The young Eagles may be even younger this week with a number of inclusions due to injury woes. But it’s time to regroup and stand up for the club, its coaches, its past players, its sponsors, its volunteers, its
supporters, and its history.

Final scores
New Norfolk 3.2 (20)
Huonville 37.27 (249)
Best: Huonville:
M. Paul, M. Walker, C. Johns, B. Rundell, J. Keogh, D. Thorp; New Norfolk: C. Ransley, T. Bailey, R. Triffett, J. Clifford, R. Thomason, B. Lewis.
Goals – Huonville: M. Paul 11, J. Keogh 5, M. Walker 4, E. Brock 4,D. Hay 2, R. Ward 2, L. Ward 2, D. Archer 2, C. Johns, B. Jones, B. Rundell, J. Richards, R. Guy; New Norfolk: T. Bailey 2, R. Triffett.

Reserves Report – Wayne Walker

THE Eagle Reserves continue to struggle with an ever-changing list of players from week to week which fails to give the side any continuity. The players who do stand-up each week must be commended for putting a side on the field to compete.

Once again, the Eagles struggled to score for three quarters with only one behind on the scoreboard at three quarter time, to go down by 91 points. However, it did take the Lions two quarters to break the chains and grab a match winning lead. The Lions were too strong with a consistent performance over four quarters, with too many options up forward with Chris Stockfeld and Braeden Page booting four goals each.

The Lions had 38 points at quarter time, 69 points at half time, 96 points at three quarter time and 106 points on the final siren. The Eagles kicked their only two goals in the last term for a total score of 2.3 (15) points with one each to Shane Bonnitcha and William Latham.

Eagle backman Luke Crosswell has had a consistent season and continues to impress. Thomas Lovell has worked his way into good form, Samuel Holloway has had a great year, Matthew Jones showed his experience in the contest and is in great form and Ryan Bartels always works hard throughout the game and must be commended on his season of football.

Final Scores
New Norfolk 2.3 (15)
Huonville 16.10 (106)
Best – Huonville:
B. Page, M. Coad, L. O’Neill, D. Mulder, D. Crouch, L. Campisi. New Norfolk: L. Crosswell, T. Lovell, S. Holloway, M. Jones, R. Bartels.
Goals – Huonville: C. Stockfeld 4, B. Page 4, D. Crouch 3, C. Lovell 2, L. Campisi, B. Guy, T. Campisi; New Norfolk: S. Bonnitcha, W. Latham.

Women’s Report – Vanessa Stevenson and Tash Farrow

THE Lady Eagles travelled to Huonville last Saturday to play the Huonville Lions in a must-win game to keep their finals aspirations alive. The game started in fine conditions with both teams evenly matched in the first term.

Ellie Henricks scored the first goal for the Eagles. Maddie Devine was playing well in the ruck and also contesting hard with some great tackles. The Eagles back line was defending well. Mel Green snapped a great goal and Brandi Sokolski put a behind on the board for the Eagles. In a tight, entertaining contest, the Eagles held a narrow one-point margin at the first change: New Norfolk 2.1 (13) to Huonville 2.0 (12).

The Lions came out strongly in the second quarter and started to get on top of the Eagles. They were much more focussed and were stronger around the contest. Maddie Devine, Ellie Henricks, Kristina Jacobs, Brandi Sokolski, Jodie Mather and Haley James were working hard for the Eagles. They were well supported by Danielle Clifford and Gracie Kube who were applying great pressure. Kodi Stevenson and Sophie Farrow were playing well in their positions. The Lions added two goals one behind while keeping the Eagles scoreless to hold a 12-point lead at the main break: Huonville 4.1 (25) to New Norfolk 2.1 (13).

The third quarter saw the Lions moving the ball forward with all their team playing their part, with some strong marks and tackles. They continued to press forward, scoring two goals and three behinds. Jorja Franklin found her path for the Eagles after injury. Ellie Henricks was reading the game well, along with Jodi Mather who always forges such a great pathway for the Eagles. New Norfolk managed to score one goal and one behind but were trailing by 20 points at three-quarter time: Huonville 6.4 (40) to New Norfolk 3.2 (20).

The final quarter saw the Eagles fight back, holding the Lions to a single goal. Maddie Devine was again rucking well, with exceptional work on the day from Jodi Mather, Ellie Henricks, Kyah Abel, Danielle Clifford, Mousey Jacobs, and Brandi Sokolski. Unfortunately, inaccuracy saw the Eagles record one goal and four behinds to get within 16 points of the Lions on the final siren.   

Final Scores
New Norfolk 4.6 (30)
Huonville 7.4 (46)
Best – Huonville:
C. Jarvis, E. Groves, H. Martyn, M. Ford, J. Lovell, H. Roberts; New Norfolk: M. Devine, K. Jacobs, J. Mather, S. Farrow, K. Abel, B. Sokolski.
Goals – Huonville: E. Groves 3, C. Jarvis 3, H. Roberts; New Norfolk: Ellie Henricks 2, J. Mather, M. Green.

Next games – August 12

ON Saturday we have three games at Boyer Oval. The Senior Women line up against The Port women who are sitting in fourth place on the ladder. It will be a tough game, but the Eagles are playing well and could cause an

The Reserves will be hard pressed against a strong Cygnet line up who are in second place on the ladder. Hopefully the boys can perform well on their home ground. The Seniors face a daunting task against a rampaging Cygnet who also sit in second position on the ladder. Following a 258-point thrashing against Claremont, Cygnet will be looking for another percentage booster against the undermanned Eagles. Let’s hope our youngsters can step up and show our supporters that there is hope for the future.

  • Women v The Port at Boyer Oval at 10am.
  • Reserves v Cygnet at Boyer Oval at noon
  • Seniors v Cygnet at Boyer Oval at 2pm

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